Pixiv 379 and the new race for Ideas

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These scenes as mentioned in some comments and in the chat were praised as something creative and naughty, one viewer asked where i got this idea. To tell the truth I just got it off an unconfirmed rumor.

Story was, some friend in some forums which was all about unintentional nip slips and other wardrobe malfunctions of models and celebrities, told me about how one gravure model while doing a some sexy posing in a studio (i.e. far from any body of water) got herself a little aroused when her…swimsuit or panties (not sure which) got a wet spot.  It was supposedly cut for obvious reasons but showed up in the photographs. Word was, they were quickly taken out of circulation but some surviving photographs (i.e. physical copies) were passed around.

Then a few months ago, I came across an ero manga which introduced me to the “Stripe”…if the translation was made correctly. Supposedly when sexy models… the types too sexy to watch in your living room but still not showing any of the fun stuff have a camel toe effect, it wasn’t just a case of too-tight crotch fabric but actually a deliberate folding method.

…first Santa Claus, then the Easter Bunny…and now the fake cameltoes, welp everyone, Despair to your heart’s content, nothing in this world is believable anymore.

The Concept Race: Old Vs New


Part of my strategy is the Concept Race which is basically “when multiple competing ideas seem solid enough, work on one until you hit a dead end, then proceed to the next…repeat”

Today’s blockage is… medieval/fantasy props. I do have some…rather low poly medieval towns, rooms, and castle, stereotypical outdoor stages…this should be enough right?

Well here’s the idea, I’ll leave this in white so you can avoid any spoilers

Karen would descend/warp in from her ship after a short breifing scene. Then, in order to speed things up, she infiltrates a camp of soldiers who mistake her for their enemy’s commander. While this is quickly cleared up, Karen agrees to do their victory parade to help boost the morale of a demoralized kingdom in exchange for their crystals which she was sent to analyze as a viable power source.

Regardless if you’ve read that hidden message or not, there’s a crucial scene i need to create which unfortunately I do not have sufficient resources to generate, so it’s time for me to head to the OP AF contemporary setting.

For this set, it’s a little more simplistic, just Karen doing a solo show. Of course I normally wouldn’t settle for that yet, but what I can work on right now is the setting of the main dance scene.

While it’s too early to use the Don Duck Bar again, after a few tweaks it now has a new effect to it that makes it a welcome iteration. Now to be fair, at least it’s not a horridly underdecorated night club stage with two blank picture slots.

This new iteration will have more pronounced rayleigh filters, which in layman’s terms, are rays of light.

Also, with Karen up on stage solo, it means less blocking of the features of the club. Something I’ve always wanted a contemporary performance venue for ecchi performances are lots of add-ons that help show more of the performing girl. There’s the three screens which is probably my standard now, a slide show of static pictures, as well as a secondary slideshow via rotating displays. These were present in H2S but since there were four girls on stage, they weren’t as noticeable. When it’s just Karen onstage, it really looks like an overwhelming barrage of every inch of Karen, which is what makes the ecchi show even more ecchi.

Which does kind of make me think… that kind of overload of such embarassing pictures is more fitting for a nonconsensual theme. On that note, it reminded me of Happy School which for me at least…Karen’s blowjob training scene was the most memorable. For some reason though it didn’t feel right to just put those siblings up on stage gloating. Maybe it’s me, but when it comes to forced exposure tropes…it loses power when someone joins in the extra show of flesh. I.e. if Karen’s Contemporary Setting is gonna have the center screen show her giving someone a blowjob, it doesn’t feel right that whoever she’s blowing is up on stage looking on smugly. Like seriously dude, nobody came here to see your dick, we came to see the girl; there’s a major difference.

So I’m thinking of an alternate setting, with a different set of “trainers” for her…maybe girls in the appropriate BDSM gear ordering her about. This exposure level is fine for me, so long as these dominatrix girls are not her direct masters/mistresses. i.e. just her trainers.  In a lot of hentai, most of the time the actual master often shows a lot of skin…which would make sense if they were crass barbarians or they were alone in the bedroom or dungeon…but there’s nothing dignified with a regal emperor casually unzipping his dick in front of his subjects. Sorry that just doesn’t work for me, the contrast must be upheld and I really think these artists should exercise more discipline… especially for ones that like…feature tentacle monsters a couple of scenes. later.

Yeah, there’s a certain hentai anime where this “great and dignified overlord” gets blown by the girl in front of her subjects, I’m sorry, that was a total waste of drawing all those elaborate armor plates and well intoned voice acting… a real classy demon lord would just summon a random henchman or monster to do the job… I don’t care what these idiots say with their “if that was me with that kind of body I wouldn’t care” that kind of thinking is pretty not leader material, and it’s not the way I handle my villains.  Feel free to keep your crass “unzip and blow” prince characters; I’ll keep mine as disciplined more believable characters.

Let’s put this in a less sexual context. Say someone you don’t like attends your party, so to embarass him for having the gall to barge in, you splash wine at his face, or throw cake in his face…  then those who choose the “unzip and have her blow me in front of everyone” are those who in the process of trying pie the party crasher in the face, ends up slipping and falling onto the cake as well.

Rule of thumb in Psychology: when making an ass of someone, try not to make an ass of yourself.

…Anyway, after I finish posting this up, I’ll try making an alternate file where instead of girls in bdsm clothes, it’s just normally dressed backup dancers.


Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 379 and the new race for Ideas”

  1. whichever route you take, there should be sex games. or possibilities for her to be bouncing on dildo’s or having them shoved in her for many to see, the humiliation factor should not be lost but capitalized on. I think she should be taken captive, not any sort of agreement being made with her and the locals.

  2. The idea that Project Karen would pay homage to vintage 80’s pornos replete with cheesy dialogue and humor sounded like a great concept. As such I don’t see the need for Karen to be forced, abused, humiliated, or disgraced. I mean she’s a Cookie FUN Girl for cryin’ out loud. It’s not like she is a stranger to public nudity and can even be over eager to drop her drawers at times which gives her crew endless opportunities to talk their captain out of her clothes.
    In an earlier post I suggested the other CFGs talked Karen into posing as a samba dancer, but it makes more sense if it were her crew. It should be totally inappropriate for the crew to see their captain naked, but that’s sort of the running gag – between the crew and the pervy robot they constantly try to punk her and succeed more often than not. You can make an ecchi video, but keep it light and humorous. If you are aiming for a Flash Gordon/Boogie Nights sort of feel, then humorous and cheesy is the way to go.

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