Pixiv H2S Gifs Start, Pondering on Cheesy Lines

Happy Happy School Gifs start now in Pixiv


And so in a moment of writer’s block I’ve decided to spend the day ripping out gifs, and it sure does take long to rip each one separately, as of the time of writing i’m barely past the seven minute mark and it’s been hours.

It never ceases to amaze me on how such a simple thing could require such tons of time to generate. I mean, it’s basically the same file, plus some simplifications and of course the total omission of sounds, it’s also being scaled down to a much smaller size and framerate so why it lasts as long as a song, really gets me scratching my head.

It’s like saying a thatched hut requires more time than building an ornate palace.  How that works is totally beyond me.

If push comes to shove, I may need another day ripping out the delectable parts off of the videos and it probably may take another three if not four months if i release them on pixiv everyday. Well at least I’ll have something to show for what I’ve worked on.

So as I’m looking at these videos, they sure have that retro feel to it, not that old, I’d say about the era of the b-grade 90’s, especially the parts where it shows the patrons of the bar and the lighting is all dimmed. Maybe it was the quality of the tapes I watched but whenever I see that kind of filter, I immediate remember those Godzilla movies as well as some classic Sentai shows.

Project Karen’s Dialogues so far

For the moment the dialogue I’ve put in might as well be considered just stand-ins for creative writing gold, since they’re rather bland. But then again, b-movies aren’t generally that self-aware of how bad they are, but as far as making an entertaining piece, taking oneself too seriously can only go so far unless the visuals are so bad its good.

The way I see it is, for humorous results, good visuals need hokey dialogue, while bad visuals need really serious ones. So I guess I’m in the safe zone with the former, but if I’m going to make the audience wrench their eyes away from the perverted low angle shots peeking up Karen’s thong leotardish constume, it might as well be something worth a quick peek.

Now I’m not building this project with a notepad of the script. That doesn’t work with me considering that there is no guarantee I can always find or build the require materials as I need. It has to be done on the fly. Basically, I build the scenes first and then add the dialogues later. So while it’s not that much of a priority for me, considering that I’m currently stuck here unable to generate anymore footage since I need that RAM to create gifs.

Another thing is that I prefer not to have to extend footage anymore than I have to which means I need to keep whatever they say concise without too much lingering on, despite how much eye candy they are.

After all, let’s not forget in H2S, many commented on how long the twerking scene was…there IS a limit to how much a good thing can be displayed on the screen before it gets too tiring.

I do foresee the writing aspect of the work to be much easier once I’ve gotten all the footage I think I’ll need. So for the next topic, here’s a couple of ideas some have kindly presented and my take on them.

First, the Slave Auction idea. It’s pretty obvious given how Karen has a gag and some toys buzzing happily away inside her, she’s obviously being coerced to do so. Slave Auctions of course sound like a good start for such themes. Now that I think of it, it’s kinda like Planet of the Apes, but instead of ugly monkeys it’s beautiful Humans. Which means….it’s pretty much the equivalent of time travelling to a bygone age except they aren’t time travelling… huh….

So anyway my take on this is that I’m a little hesitant. The main reason being that since this is going to be a Karen-only show, the last thing I want to do is have some other pretty girl steal the show from her. (I’m looking at you, RIN!) regardless if the girl is taller or shorter, flatter or bustier, it will create a nice contrast.

Of course I do know the charm of it. Economically speaking, Karen doesn’t need to do anything. Just make her do an idle stand with her limbs locked in place, add a crowd and at least one talking person as the seller and we can call it a day. Not much posing needed for Karen to do except for maybe turn around and stuff.

However, another element of the Auction scene is the tension between at least two possible buyers, which basically amounts to “either she gets bought by an asshole, or a worse asshole” choice. This part however, would be ruined if such characters were never properly introduced which means more footage…you get the idea. There’s lots of really bad movies out there that ended up using too little time to introduce who these characters are and therefore whatever impact they have said or done is totally lost.

Then again she is in what seems to be a royal parade with all those rich trappings and noble looking characters in the background. Which means those Royalty characters may have already gotten her. I.e. making the whole idea of an auction pretty moot.

Now the Sex Games idea, does have me thinking. The idea of some kind of ecchi fair or carnival may sound good if I could find a way to make it some kind of progression from “having a minor noble buy her then work her way up to royalty” but how to do that concisely does feel like I’d have to generate Happy School-class montage of various stuff.

Of course I already do have an outline in mind, it’s simple, but I won’t spoil it yet. Suffice to say, it’s not too far from what you may have already seen in your typical sci-fi “let’s explore primitve planets” tropes.

So that’s it for today. I have to finish up creating these gifs before I can resume working on Project Karen. As always my Discord chat room is always open so you can always chat me to discuss or ask about random things, or do minor to mid-level repairs to your MMD models or give random advice. I’m bored waiting for these gifs to churn out, so feel free to reach out to me.


Just please make sure to introduce yourselves and behave

Stay wiggly!

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eringe animated

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5 thoughts on “Pixiv H2S Gifs Start, Pondering on Cheesy Lines”

  1. Early on while you were constructing the parade route you commented that some castle was the destination. I think the idea of an auction and a bevy of slaves would require too much development which is why I offered the idea that Karen’s mission involved infiltrating the castle by posing as a samba dancer in the parade. Maybe it’s an S&M parade, hence the ball gag as part of her costume. That it is overly revealing and includes butt plugs and vibrators could be an inside joke perpetrated by Arin. She could make a cameo with other CFC girls even appearing in the grand stand laughing hysterically as Karen must shake her tail feathers and gyrate on that dildo the entire length of the parade route! The other girls could be involved in the mission to a limited degree and once Karen successfully infiltrates the castle she can open “the back door” to let the others in. A couple of guffaws and comments before the action starts like “nice costume Karen, lol. Was the dildo your own idea? ”
    Maybe they’re searching for the location of the hidden base, or the missing prince and once they have what they came for the “Adventures in Uranus” can begin.

    1. I do suppose a kind of “soft bullying” is kinda fine (i.e. taking advantage and the girl does it rather reluctantly). There is a charm to it when she’s given an option to back out but carries on with it anyway. ~( ‘w’ )~ I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I had originally planned it to be just a “capture by natives and she breaks out later” but the idea of making it rather voluntary does seem interesting.

      1. Yes, Karen trusts her friends which makes a prank easier to pull off. And there’s no harm, they’re just having a little fun at her expense. Sort of a cheesey Charlie’s Angels kind of thing. They do have a mission and they do need to get in the castle. Its mostly Karen’s show, while the other girls have her back. They just take the opportunity to play a prank, convince her that it’s necessary to wear a skimpy outfit. Even better, if she doesn’t use the vibrator and butt plug she could blow her cover. The real trick will be if the other girls can keep a straight face when they sell Karen on the idea of appearing naked in public. It won’t dawn on Karen that she got punked by her friends until it’s too late. And you can pull it off with very little dialogue, or none at all. Its just cheesy enough to get a pretty girl to go naked in public and will be good for some laughs all of which support the idea that this is some b-rated vintage porno. And it advances the plot rather quickly without having to develop a ton of additional footage. It also gives you an opportunity for Karen to get even with all the CFC Girls later on with a prank of her own. Maybe it will involve her pervert robot.

  2. Hmmm. The whole prank concept deflates any sort of sci fi alien world element if the whole crew is there. There needn’t be a spaceship, Karen needn’t be a booty hunter, what are they doing on this alien world and what is their relation to Booty Hunter Karen? Is the crew also booty hunters from high school? Too many conflicting elements. This should be treated as a solo project I feel, the crew would compete also with Karen’s spotlight if their role were prominent beyond a quick cameo.
    Ideas, just throwing some out there…
    So what I was thinking was instead of an auction (if thats being ruled out) being the transition humiliation scene from booty hunter to slave, they could just parade her through the streets nude and glistening after capture, as a sort of walk of shame gauntlet of carnival sex games that Karen has to go through on her way to the big climax, (there can be various little squirts along the way, she’s a wet one as we all saw in H2S) The dance sequence could mix in already at the capture scene, basically you have your main event like normal on stage or the float in this case, then your cut to scenes are her going through various sexual challenges throughout the carnival over her walk of shame sexual gauntlet 5000. Pretty much all the contraptions you could imagine and then some. It can culminate at a castle if thats desired, just as Karens about to go mad from ecstasy and painting the castle walls with her wetness, the whole thing is interrupted from Godzilla, then Mothra shows up and its just a silly thing, Adventures in Uranus.

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