Cutting to the Chase…differently


As fun as Karen’s space costume is I decided to not have her in it for too long. There’s only so much fanservice you can do with that very thin thong material between her legs. If it was for ecchi and not hentai I suppose I could milk more out of it but as it stands I shouldn’t tease too much of it, at least not for this episode.



Huh, that picture looks like Karen’s going to do some kind of survival video using only the “bare” essentials, hurr hurr hurr.

Hmm…naked out in the woods does sound like an interesting separate idea of it’s own.

If you haven’t heard of the old Star Trek joke, it goes along the lines of “Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes too.”

Then again the whole “mission starts out all wrong” is pretty much seen everywhere.

I guess that’s going to be the last set of spoilers I’ll be showing. Maybe it’s time to break out the Pixiv Gifs but that means setting aside the whole day to do nothing but that, considering ripping out the gifs is rather hefty.

So if you haven’t seen my Pixiv, here it is!

Stay wiggly!


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eringe animated

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