Exploring a different Path

It’s quite ironic that how in this attempt to look like a b-movie, it’s suddenly very hard to do those really bad effects, such as crayon-drawn-in-lasers, obvious miniatures of spaceships held up in string, and bad fight choreography.

That spaceship model looks a little too detailed to pass off as a cheap prop….


But those things aren’t my current trouble now.

And yes, as I speak I’m currently rendering another scene, this one’s for 4000 frames though I don’t see myself using all of them, it’s better to have lots of slack than too little material to work with.

My real problem right now, is the plot.

So let me get this straight judging from the teaser pics I’ve shown lately, we have Karen performing at some parade, the toys kinda suggest it’s against her will…maybe she’s coerced into doing so? And then there’s her in her fanservice costume and space stuff…  like… whoa, those are two very different things!

How does Karen go from a hokey space adventure into something that looks like a certain theme park run by an iconic rodent?

While I try to tell myself it’s supposed to resemble a b-movie, and boy do b-movies get really outlandish, for me that only works if it either helps move things along.

I suppose if one has watched the classic Star Trek movies, it’s not uncommon for quite a few episodes to equate to: space men come and visit planet that doesn’t have space technology yet, misunderstandings happen and hilarity ensues.

Which was why I began to ponder if maybe in this cheese fest, it would be appropriate again to add subtitled dialogue. Cheesy porn also has very hokey dialogue, so I guess why not?

But there’s a difference between intentionally looking cheesy to just being painful to watch and a waste of time.

So I tell myself, I have made a few shots where the cameraman is just bieng a pervert with the angles. Those are good opportunities to add silly dialogue.

Such as while wearing her fanservicey outfit…

Or in the shower being ogled at by some robot feeding the footage over to her men.

I bet someone’s going to get demoted if she was the ship’s Captain.

As much as I like this scene I’m wondering how it’s handled. I don’t want her to have the elder Airin’s obliviousness or lack of concern of being seen unnecessarily, if that was so I would have just picked Airin.

I guess that’s another reason to just keep it silent. Let the viewer fill in the blanks on what’s she’s asking about. Let the viewer decide if she doesn’t like it, or she’s unconcerned and the bot is delivering some other bad news or whatever it is that she needs to attend to.

Again, the whole “unconcerned about being seen” is an Airin thing. I shouldn’t recycle too much things.

Then again, with scenes like these, it’s best to let them play out as long as they can to allow to the viewers to enjoy the view. With that in mind, I guess I might as well put on some really tacky dialogue to help pass the time.

Though the one part that I find difficult is during the parade scenes itself. I suppose it could be some kind of internal monologue Karen would have to herself.

So let’s take this screenshot for example, what would you put there?

Well there’s the obvious stuff like “this thing’s driving me crazy, i can’t concentrate” but I’m definitely going to need more. I do have a few things in mind

  1. How embarassing it is
  2. Where’s her backup and why haven’t they arrived yet
  3. Whatever it was that got her in this situation in the first place
  4. Steering clear of this place after she escapes and hoping nobody hears about it.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not very confident in my ability to write dialogue. Part of me says the cheesiness fits the whole premise, while another part of me says that I’m turning the intentional cheesy fun into something really bad.

Let me know what you think of it.



Aside from retaking the path of silly dialogues, I also considered a non-space version, at the cost of losing that hilarious title…what was it again?

Yeah… best stay on the path. That title is gold XD

The other path I had considered was to just make it a fantasy-based story, a different take on Snow White, where instead of the queen having her assassinated she just corrupts her with some naughty training sessions.

She can still keep her costume though, maybe this Snow White is one of her loyal soldiers or something.

But apart from that I can’t think of anything else. Besides, without the over the top space antics, it kinda loses meaning having to use such retro filters and retro music. Speaking of music, what music would you have playing during the parade scene if it isn’t retro? Modern Electronic music wouldn’t fit, the most acceptable use of modern music in period pieces tend to be Rock during a fight scene but when it comes to festivities they usually stick to what’s appropriate during that time.

Like Bagpipes

Try twerking to that XD

so those are my thoughts today while I’m waiting for my current render to finish. Yesterday I had finally settled on what kind of scenery Karen is arriving to. Ideally I would have gone for a large coliseum type of stage but since there are no exteriors of such a thing, I’m settling for a generic palace, comforting myself that lorewise, whatever ecchi stuff they have planned for her is better off seen only by high ranking nobility rather than the peasants.


Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/  and introduce yourselves please when you do.


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7 thoughts on “Exploring a different Path”

  1. Well if it’s an internal monologue perhaps it could read something like this:

    “This is so embarrassing!”
    “I can’t believe the only way to get in the castle is disguised as a samba dancer.”
    “I should NEVER have let Arin pick out my costume.”
    “Adventures in Uranus is NOT about my ass!”
    “Didnt she hear about the secret base we discovered there?”
    “She did this on purpose.”
    “Paybacks are a bitch – you hear me Arin?”
    “My butt hurts.”

  2. no subtitles. Karen is an intergalactic bounty hunter with a pervy side kick robot that likes to record her and brief her on her next assignments. She goes undercover as a sex slave in order to get close to the target. Or she is captured while on a mission and auctioned off as a sex slave. The music on the alien world can be whatever since its an alien world. Maybe the sidekick robot has lots of fun sounds effects communicating the different moods of different scenes.

    1. so you mean basically like r2d2? that is kinda fun. But it did get me thinking that for that r2d2, it can make those noises but the character can’t…unless I do it like in the old Zelda games where they make a generic wordless noise when Link talks to them.

  3. In Karen’s shower scene she’s quick to figure out that she’s being videoed and her crew has got her image on the big flat screen in the mess hall. You can limit the audio to an intercom voice that says something like ” sorry captain, but our navigator thought he spotted Uranus so we decided to send in a probe.” (show crew members laughing hysterically)
    Karen steps toward the camera until it’s zoomed in on her face. She gives the guys a fake smile, then flips them the bird before throwing her towel over the camera lens. 🙂

    1. That’s a good cheesy idea and also very self-referential. I guess that’s what I should be doing with the dialogue, if they’re going to be cheesy might as well makethem funny. But then again I’m not a great writer when it comes to making two people talk, but I’ll give it a try!

  4. She can still be strong and sassy but confident too. I remember you saying once that she is the french girl that can make a man jizz in his pants by talking to him. I can see her being confident in her nudity and allowing her pervy camera side kick to video tape her because she is aware of the power it gives her over the men, This would be most coherent with a bounty hunter character too, she’s been in some dark corners of the galaxy, and taken down some pretty rough foes. I think she would get off on it all, the action.

    regarding the parade humility, she has already been captured or auctioned at this point, or maybe her undercover role to get close to the target got more involved than expected. Especially if they have the sex games with her and the public, that was not in the contract. That would be funny too, to have a scene back on the ship of her being briefed on the mission and cut to a sort of montage imagining sequence of her visualizing a really easy undercover role, maybe as a fan girl next to the Target and easily taking him out stealthily with a quick escape, then once she shows up it turns out to be a cookie fun world and she has to put in some unwanted work in order to get close to her target and dispose of him and get away undetected.

    An auction scene would be pretty hot, she’s arrives at the planet undercover on a slave ship and immediately auctioned to the king. this scene would allow for some interesting cameos and acts of humility in front of an auction audience before she’s suited up for the parade. The parade can be a visual cue during the briefing scene too, show an image of the target and the event she is infiltrating which happens to be the parade. You can throw in some Hentai Shots of the sex games from previous events setting up those scenes for later and the nature of the event, then cut to Karen having her visualizing montage, maybe even putting some goofy girl out on stage in the visualization condemning the role and making it the furthest thing from her mind almost even as a parody of itself too, then her brutal realization when she’s presented with the outfit after auction, and it happens to be her thrown on stage and in the sex games, OMG the humility. The look on her face…

    1. Indeed Karen is a strong and sassy girl, which is why I tended to avoid using her carelessly especially since in most videos I have made the girls tend to be meek, unassuming, or unrealistically willing. Airin’s role in Terragaia 1 was pretty much what Karen would have done (i.e. not liking the idea of dressing in such “panty-baring outfits”). Of course in her canon, she does her shows because she sees it as some kind of high-level entertainment only a real girl of class can do, unlike the younger Airin who would flip up her skirt before the show begins (in H2S)
      I guess the best way for me to describe Karen is that she only shows skin when it’s business (i.e. she won’t show unnecessary fanservice like letting classmates peek up her skirt or give free shows when she’s not performing) though for this retro-themed video the fanservicey costume is just something she takes in stride because “all girls in the academy dress this way”

      As for the parade, I already got an idea how it gets there. Not to provide any spoilers but I wanted to keep the plot a little simple and rather cliche’d because that’s what cheesy b-movies back in the day were all about. However, it’s Karen’s personality (which I hope) that will make it different. That and of course, she’s the least seen Cookie Fun Girl so that enough gives her the charm.

      Not sure though if I’d want to do an auction, considering that there’s the risk of another girl stealing her show…I mean lots of them have really good bodies too. Maybe if I think of one way to single her out for the bad guys. but then again, a good cameo is always charming.

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