Back from the Halloween Vacation

First some minor touch ups to the filters for the video. Basically I added more green tints and enhanced the blue colors.

The effect on the other scenes looked really good.

The 3d models in this retro era makes me think of a certain Japanese show which used puppets, I’m not sure but I think it’s known in the West as “Starfleet”, the tint and grain makes me think of the New Hope.

Even that spaceship with the simple textures looks more like an actual model they used in old shows as opposed to looking like a 3d graphic.

Karen with her hair down, because it’s too silly to shower with your pigtails still done up. I was tempted to have her shower with the boys but old exploitation flicks used scenes like these and keeping it simple made it look like a low-budget film that used these tactics.


I’ve appropriated Emily’s costume for Karen, I call it the “Business on top, and Party on the bottom” suit and it suits her really well for action scenes. One pic I didn’t show was her performing a suplex on a guy, it was badly done, but then again, old movies did feature bad choreography so I’m thinking of leaving it as is and work on more.

It actually feels more liberating now, there’s quite a lot of action motions in MMD that seem a little too rough on the edges; jumps that are floaty, robotic fighting stances, and punches that look like they came from a bad action scene. Had this been another project I would have been extensively altering them to look a little more convincing.

But since I’m going retro, I don’t have to. It can be bad as it looks.

Stay wiggly!

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6 thoughts on “Back from the Halloween Vacation”

  1. I’m really digging the direction this project is taking, Karen looks like a sexy Han Solo or something. Retro has a nice feel with your productions. I really liked the into to H2S with the dated feel. I just bought an old handgun from the 70’s and it too has this feeling of long lost analogue quality when everything was made of metal, and there were no fat domineering lesbians ruining society. Just natural breasts and Mary Tyler Moore hair styles.

  2. “Adventures in Uranus”, hahahahaha! Love the title; it def has that retro 80’s Porno sound to it. Maybe the bad guys will have some cheesy phalic shaped ray guns and Karen can run around blasting them to the soundtrack of Duran Duran’s “Electric Barbarella”.
    Diggin’ Karen’s action outfit; you could dub it “liquor in front, poker in the rear” and that would fit just as well. Just thought of something – maybe Karen could stumble into some bar on Uranus that’s got that motto hanging over the front door. Then she can proceed to get molested by a bunch of storm troopers, lol.

    1. she gets molested or she starts it? XD either way I haven’t decided yet what her character will be like, if she’s stuck up and refuses to show more than what her costume already bares or she wears it like that on purpose.

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