Karen’s Carnival Float, a different continuity


Karen’s video seems to be stepping towards the non consensual side or maybe the reluctant tag, which, while being undeniably fun just doesn’t seem very Karen-ish. I always imagined Karen doing her shows because of her seeing something artsy in it. Kinda like that classy girl that even if you touch her you get this feeling she’s so detached from it that it feels like you’re being separated by this barrier that’s keeping her true self aloof from it all.

So aside from her Ancient Energy show and her Oasis Cafe, I’ve yet to show anything that’s really about this classy girl who can wallow through the mud of the masses and make everyone feel ashamed of being in her mere prescence.

I suppose another factor is the lack of real classy dancing. Either it’s chicken flapping, ero spazzing, street dancing. The closest I can find are a few ballet moves.

So far, I’ve already buffered some dance moves onto Karen’s model, the reason being that MMD sometimes crashes when you’re loading motion files especially when it’s already crammed with so much stuff. And the ones I’ve loaded are pretty much the ones that elicit the most jiggling.

I suppose the fancy looking parade float pretty much satisfies the “Karen is classy and high maintenance” part. Also, why are the Airin sisters there? The answer is that Karen’s samba feathers really obstruct the view of her from behind, so it’s best to use girls who use the same body as her. Basically using the same tactic I used in H2S but this time to have the best of both worlds; the elegant samba gear and plain nude both in the same frame, front and back.

Now for the rest of the crew at the back. For a fantasy setting, I’m thinking of costumed people in royal clothing, and in a departure from what I’ve done so far, wave and pose around. Instead of playing music instruments or dancing alongside.

Which is why I’m considering that this could be a fantasy setting as opposed to a contemporary one (i.e. just a parade with people in costumes). I guess the one thing that does make me hesistant is because in Terragaia, it was never established very well when it’s normal to let your tits hang out and when its not. In Terragaia: The “Game”  its said that outsiders get the short end of the stick. But meanwhile in TerraGaia 2, a local supernatural entity joins in the tits and ass party. Long story short, it doesn’t look like it’s special in it’s premise and when it doesn’t feel special to the people in the video, it won’t feel special to the audience (i.e. you)

So it’s going to have to be something different, or somewhere along the lines of the contemporary/modern timeline and everyone’s just in costume.

Stay wiggly!

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2 thoughts on “Karen’s Carnival Float, a different continuity”

  1. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I sense you have reservations about another parade themed MMD as well as the overarching direction of Project Karen. And the costume choices you have for participants and crowd lend themselves more toward a fantasy theme with regal, or royal looking cast members. Perhaps there is a way to incorporate all of it In a way that can showcase Karen’s brand of classy eroticism.
    If you would indulge me once more, there is a third carnival option; not Rio, not New Orleans, but Venice. It coincides with Lent and ends on Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday. It is renowned for its opulent masks and Rennesance era costumes. Masks you wear, hand held masks, Zorro type masks, or black lace veils for the ladies. It’s ties to Easter bring religious overtones and the opportunity to contrast good and evil, darkness and light, purity versus debauchery, salvation versus corruption. Either a consensual or nonconsensual approach to Karen’s participation would fit the bill. And her nudity would contrast nicely with the fancy ballroom gowns of the other overdressed partygoers. Perhaps Karen herself starts out in fancy garb and then voluntarily, or involuntarily sheds her clothes and lastly her mask in an act that expresses either defiance, or humiliation. And either would make for a very sexy video, IMO.

    1. Interestingly I think I just leaned over to that direction too. While I’m keeping Karen’s exotic “costume”, everything else in the parade design is very much European with it’s fantasy design, just those stone engravings circle thingies look like straight out of an elvish temple or something. As of now, it’s firmly planted in the swords and sorcery, dungeons and dragons-esque genre of designs, since those can overlap with many kinds of technologies, from steampunk, and even some contemporary-ish designs like one would see in MMO’s or in Final Fantasy…such as the prescene of balloons and fireworks in 1000AD in Chrono Trigger. So it is my joy to report to you that I have found a good niche where nothing looks too far off ( ‘w’ )7 thanks again for your input and stay wiggly!

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