Parade Float Ideas and Why

Let’s name a few tropes.

I have looked at some pictures of parade floats and while they do cover a lot of things, it didn’t answer what it should be regarding Karen’s own parade.

This “throne nestled in a tiger’s mouth” setup does make me think of a tropical setting with palm trees and other people decked in tribal gear. Palm trees I can do, but people in tribal gear, now that just doesn’t sound too economical to build up to. Way too much time.

This setup is a little more like it, it’s like one of those fantasy settings and does make Karen look more like a fairy. Maybe not so much the  plumes of feathers but those jewels and flowers certainly do help with the image.

So apparenltly at this point we might be going with this parade setup, with a fantasy theme to it. That’s nice and all, now the next question is, what is this going to be all about?

A parade? Yes but of what?  From what I’ve known so far with these kinds of parades it’s kinda like the norm…pretty much so, so it needs something extra. It’s needs something a little more to be shocking and extravagant. See while a lot of plots like these can be taken for granted in manga and animation, the problem is that those can have dialogue and me trying to add those feels like making a bad porno movie, or a bad shark movie.

Now I am aware the much of these shifts in ideas are influenced by the availability of assets. For one thing I do have lots of guys and girls handsomely dressed in armor, as well as other stuff you’d expect from a sword and sorcery genre. But the question is, why then would Karen be undressed while he others aren’t? It needs to have a reason for those because otherwise I can just revert to everyone casually dressed and just use a boring set of girders and platform.

When things aren’t used for a reason, it just takes up unnecessary space. I think back to the stuff I’ve seen before and it really irks me to fall into such useless pandering.

Every asset used needs to be justified, just like how I’ve been doing things. Long story short I just haven’t thought of what it would be. Right now, I’m still sifting through my library and taking what interesting assets I can, hopefully I’d be able to build something coherent.


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One thought on “Parade Float Ideas and Why”

  1. Maybe a Mayan temple float with Karen’s um virginity being sacrificed right in front of the Grand Marshall and the judges. Do they award her “entry” a perfect score or is she and her troupe disqualified? The pyramidal structure would provide multiple surfaces to mount large flat screens. And costumes would be limited to bracelets, masks, loin cloths and feathers. Maybe a spear, or a club here and there. The provocative dancing and semi-nudity is de rigor for Mardi Gras, but taking it hardcore would still be scandalous. Especially considering the parade is being broadcast live and beamed into millions of homes.

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