Premises are never meant to be Broken

When you think about it, H2S was pretty much where Project Jackie Ep.1 left off. Lots of build up and huge payoffs. So while building a stage set for Project Karen, I felt there was one more element that could be revisited. This would be the “hijacked wholesome show” concept. The whole idea for Jackie’s was that it was her school’s talent show before the Founders came up to make things great, but while a small-time town was a good thing, there’s also a charm when you take things to a higher level (i.e. a more prominent wholesome event), who wouldn’t want to take a jab at the dumb demographic and school them in what constitutes real entertainment? Hurr hurr hurr.

Perhaps one reason why I wasn’t completely satisfied with the private garden show is that I love fancy “costumes” and fancy costumes are meant for showing off. There’s only a few things one can legally use in a private one-on-one session and they’re all sexy lingerie, anything else and the fashion police will be busting your ass for hiding just a fabulous get up. Plus, all this green stuff is making my eyes sore.

Just to be a little honest, there’s also a simplicity to using a performance venue. The name alone pretty much says it all. And while a private show in someone’s opulent residence is a good thing, it just begs for something more.  Like what? You pay a girl to give you a private show and that’s it? Oh? Add sex? You mean just about any other venue that gives such sleazy entertainment? So yeah, that garden scenario will have to wait until I have a really good reason to use it. I’ve seen enough premise-less videos taking place in similar environments and the fact that none of them really stand out just solidifies what I said in the past: a video takes more than a single asset (model, stage, music, background) to be good.  They ALL have to work together.

Then there’s the choice of ecchi accroutments. They just have no reason to be in a private show. All told, it’s just hard for me to find any justification for a smaller audience. It’s not like it’s going to be a much desired thing from me anyway considering it’s something that’s being done by everyone else and their mother.

Perhaps the root of all of this, is because I have not yet found an overarching premise to what Karen’s project (or anyone else’s) would be.

I do have one idea, but it’s impossible given the lack of motions for it, and that is burlesque. Plus, I can’t imagine the idea of cute, nubile Karen sounding like an old hag, it’s sacriledge.

Speaking of burlesque with it’s Bossa Nova music, I haven’t decided what theme of song to use, more specifically if it’s going to use a band or not. Because of how large my files can balloon along the line, it’s important for me to finalize Karen’s get up and set up the band as soon as possible.

One idea I briefly tried tangling with was a parade float.  The idea of having something cutesy towering over the back of the float would have been great, it would make a great platform for hanging up the all-important screen for alternate views. But what could that be, I have not decided yet. A giant cake would look nice if her Karen’s costume looked more like sweets and stuff, like that eternally sugar high squirrel from Happy Tree Friends.

Karen’s current get up though, seems to be more in the line of fairies, or samba, foresty, or tropical-ish stuff.

Flowers, or maybe some large tribal idol as a parade float would look like a good thing. The baby blue and violet makes me think of cutesy inane design elements as well, so it can’t be an outright hentai parade but a hijack.

I’ll be honest though, a parade setup can be very costly to my RAM, the hundreds of mobs I need to generate, that’s about six models i need, three for either side.

Then of course the background people or other stuff in the background. I mentioned a band but there’s gotta be more to it if it’s going to look festive….oh and the fact that I have to put it onto a city that doesn’t look like crap.

That could be a very tall order.

and with a getup like that, where do electric guitars and drum fit that genre while remaining festive? Guess it’s back to the invisible DJ table obscured by a ginormous billboard/slide show.

Stay wiggly!

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6 thoughts on “Premises are never meant to be Broken”

  1. Good decision. I heard “private garden show” and I heard *crickets*
    Karen deserves better. She is perhaps the most extroverted and biggest wild child of the CFC Girls. Plus there’s no audience shock value in a private garden show and the allure of your videos for me lies in their ability to shock.
    Take Project Jackie for example, a boring HS talent show gets racheted up exponentially by altering the music and lighting, adding sound effects and imagery. The actual nudity is brief, but precisely introduced at key moments and its left to the viewers imagination what is about to happen once Jackie steps through that door and in front of her audience. BTW, I do hope you have plans to complete that. I really want to see how far things go on stage and if Charlie joins her little sister in the finale.
    A parade with floats sounds like a great idea! Lots of opportunity for elaborate costumes and vibrant, colorful props. And a great way to showcase Karen. Even as overtly sexual a samba parade can be, Karen is capable of taking that to the next level. The best parades are held at night which could help obscure some of the cityscape you will have to design. And you can save RAM by cutting from wide angle shots of the grandstands (cardboard cut out patrons)and parade route to tight shots of Karen doing her dirty thing on the float.. P.S. The music is usually broadcast to the throngs of people over huge elaborate speakers along the route and accompanied throughout the parade by drummers, conga drums and whistle blowers. My two cents 😀 Now go have fun!

    1. The irony of a night time setting is that all those lighting effects really siphon a lot of processing power off of my computer, which means it’s better if I try to avoid it and use a day time setting. That is the reason why I was able to fit the cookie fun girls…all four of them and lots more models. There is quite a number of city stages that can look good without having to use much processing power. The real problem of course is finding out what would be on the parade float.

      It’s really easy for me to just set up a boring set of girders to hold up a screen, but for a parade, it needs to be something that would look good when viewed from any angle, such as a castle, or giant cake, a titanic torso of freddy fazbear, grabbing handfuls of children with it’s massive paws before grinding them all down into a gory paste with its teeth the size of refrigerators. The latter part does sound good though.

      For Project Jackie, the question really is… “what’s else is to do in Ep.2?” H2S was pretty much what Project Jackie Ep2 would have been, multiplied by four girls who haven’t been seen for quite a while, at least not with their new bodies. To be honest, all I could think of was more naked dancing for Jackie and maybe sex with some random guy, compared to H2S where the girls go down the stage and entertain the patrons while Rin and May take their place, the latter just sounds more interesting.

      Given that these audience in Jackie’s story are her school mates who know her, many wouldn’t make the connection. In fact, this comment might be the only “canonical source” where all of the audience personally know that Jackie is a sweet girl nobody would ever suspect to show lots of skin, much less solicit sex for fun. Again, comparing it to H2S where the girls solicit totally random strangers to either grope them or give them a good show of pumping up and down various sex toys…the latter is more visually entertaining and makes more sense.

      Jackie’s project does have some very interesting premises to it, however, most of those interesting things require me to find some way to establish it. The idea that Jackie is a sweet and pure innocent girl has probably never crossed a lot of viewer’s minds, so the impact of her doing something so lewd would just be lost. Take for example my Terragaia video, that was just brimming with so many references, but nobody has even bothered to list them all much less mention more than one or two.

      H2S is much simpler, and delivers it more effectively. Simply showing them walking into a strip club in their school uniforms pretty much sets everything up. Anyone could tell what is “wrong” with the picture. In many ways it’s a prelude to Project Jackie, yet it is also a spritual sequel to it.

  2. I remember back when you were conceptualizing cookie fun world, you shared some images of a kind of Rio Carnival parade with floats. Might be able to recycle some of those props and scenes. That could be a fitting environment for more elaborate outfits too as well as set the scene for a more H performance, yet still very scandalous being in public with the more sexual acts of bouncing on some phalic objects in front of the general public.

    1. Indeed it has been lingering in my mind for quite some time already. The main thing holding me back is simply what the design will be. It has to be larger than life, and colorful looking,yet at the same time contrasting with what’s going on. Since Karen’s so scandalously dressed and made to perform lewdly it has to be something that is inane, like a fairy tale castle, or a giant cartoon character. Yet it also has to be functional, something where I can mount a big screen to capture all the naughty angles.

  3. Carnival is a celebration of Bachanale; there’s lots of examples to research online. Floats tend to focus on themes like voodoo, death and fertility (phalic symbols), Mayan/Aztec stuff and sacrificial animals like oxen, or predatory ones like panthers. And everything is larger than life. Lots of feathers, wings, elaborate head dresses, glitter, high heels and nearly naked dancers (or in Karen’s case, completely naked, hur, hur).
    I saw H2S as a prequel to PJE1. That backstage scene with the sisters was as if Charlie said “you’ve seen me perform naked on stage, you’re even more beautiful and now is your time; the audience demands to see you.” And I loved the way you positioned Charlie by the door, arms crossed, saying nothing, just nodding toward the stage like, no backing out, you’ve got this. And it’s not “just more naked dancing”, it’s Jackie! She is so damn cute and has a bangin’ body! You’ve just GOT to give her to us, lol.
    And the dance portion doesn’t need to last long. Maybe while she’s dancing and the boys are losing their minds, Charlie could come out (naked) and encourage 2 or 3 of them to come up on stage, reach into the crowd and give them a hand. Jackie might be too shy or innocent to start something with them, but she would loosen up once Charlie starts making out with her and then the boys join in 3 on 2. And just like that Jackie’s reputation goes from sweet and innocent to the hottest, most scandalous, most desired girl in Sunyvale.

  4. I agree, I perceibed H2S as the preceding PJE1z, even though they came out in opposite order. The night where Jackie tits started having thoughts of eating I mean emulating her Sis. There does need to be something to wrap up PJE1ex. That art room scene still would be fun. If Jackie seems to be crashing scenes like crazy though, she’s just going to be like an infection in the body of cookie town, and she should be remodeled or swapped for another character so she is still incorporatable (I think I jest created a new word) and so the role is still there to fill (pun intended) to have some dynamic outside the house girls.

    Regarding todays post, about the setting for the parade. If you want to tie it in with the lore, have it the schools home coming parade, Karen just Hijacks her grades float. This could also prequel PJE1+++, she could show up at the end and maybe eat some more pudding or something fun to tie things together. Thats all I got for now. Maybe Karen pulls her onstage and they do some tag team on something double ended. She’s ripe for some humility.

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