Trying the Garden Stage

I normally  don’t do secluded stages…

But when I do, I make it look good.

What you don’t see is the funyafunya effect on the plants, yes they move; swaying to the wind which probably blows in multiple directions. I’m sure the will not be any consistency between the directions the plant sways and the hair and cloth effects of the characters.

Another thing I didn’t get to show here was a mansion/villa. The nice architecture of this classy patio suggests that this cannot be some kind of round the mill park or grove in the forest. It has to be something man made and grand, hence me putting on a mansion there.

So a couple of things that I need to add here… first of all, a radio. The one I currently have for a stand-in is hideous. What kind of world is this where people do not have a radio? And please do not tell me today you can dock that phone into a pair of speakers. That is just not visible, and when you don’t see it, it’s pointless to waste RAM putting it there. Maybe I can put a radio then stick a smartphone on top, but either way, I need to craft a radio…something where it’s clear where the music is coming from. I don’t like those videos where the music comes from a pair of invisible speakers and they’re performing in front of people. What are they dancing to?

Here’s an where it would make sense:

Even if you don’t see speakers, it’s already clear what the venue is all about.  But when it’s like 3 girls atop a floating platform miles above a city I’m like… “WTF is this shit?”

I don’t put up with things that do not make sense. I always want sense to be in the stage. Performing in only heels and a collar is surreal enough, but when you’re in space with no clear indication of where your life support is coming from, that just cannot be taken seriously and they can never be good ones either.

You know where they can work? During snippets of a music video, yup; the way of the expertly produced nonlinear editing. While emteevee and it’s music videos might have crap music, they at least have the sense to edit the visuals correctly.

I’m sorry but this has better composition than most contemporaries people tell me to emulate.


Anyway, getting back on topic…

So the radio’s for making it clear where the music’s coming from. Next I also need to put up some maids as well as a place for the audience of few to sit on. I’m thinking of a gazebo, somewhere luxurious looking and shaded from the sun.

My idea for this set up is either some rich guy getting a private show from these girls, or maybe one of their usual “friends” (Imas girls or the K-On girls, or maybe the founders).

The school setup feels stale lately considering I have not found any idea for it to be any different from the last one.  See, H2S was different because it was the first time incorporating all four girls together, so now that we’re down to one girl this time, it needs to do something different from the last time, or something that merits another revisit. .

This “private show at the garden” reminds me of Arcade Girl Airin where she’s pretty much doing it all for Len or Oh My Juliet RPG Edition, where Airin and Karen are willing partners for this shota guy. That element has also been seen in the Yuri Concert Night as well as the Ecchi Audience Edition of H2S; the cute sexy girl who’s a willing partner for her paramour/master/lover instead of a large audience or the omniscient viewer on the PC.

I suppose that is another facet of me, not only does the stage make sense but also who the girls are performing it for. Falling back to the old, dead, and tired cliche of “empty background for the viewer on the screen” is something that only really works with actual real life models.

Ultimately, I’m just not a fan of doing something everyone else is already doing because, what is the point?

Also, if I’m wrong on this, then why hasn’t there been lots of raving praise of Airin’s Hibikaze video? Not gonna give a link, because if it was so good, it would have been easy to find.

Other alternate stages I have built yesterday was a springtime (read: sakura trees) version of the school, but like it’s predecessor, just didn’t seem vibrant enough to merit any interest, plus the premise felt like a dull repetition of what was done before.

And that’s it for today, I guess I just have to craft a better radio.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/  and introduce yourselves please when you do.

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