Pixiv 373 and Trying other stages

373rd Time In the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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I don’t have any gifs to upload at the moment since I’m working with my Karen project. But I guess it’s time for the Cookie Fun Girls video to have a crack at it with the Gif Converter starting tomorrow.


Trying other stages

The daytime school stage  looked complete with the four girls; two of them facing the old foggies while showing their butts to the students, while the other two face the student body while showing their butts to the old geezers. When it’s a solo girl, it feels definitely off.  When I think of a spectacle with people behind the performer, I usually think of those dictator speeches where they have some kind of hostage while the bad guy calls out to the hero to rescue her, or those hentai manga where a bunch of naked muscular guys with big dicks are waiting their turn to bone the girl.

One idea at the back was like, maybe it could just be a line of sexy girls, all dancing in place kinda like a brothel and their star girl is up front doing her best moves. While that is a great idea and all, when you compare the good looking girls and each weigh about 2-3mb each, how many do I need to put up on stage? If Arashi no Saxophone told me anything, I placed about eight of them. I supposed I could give it a try.

Of course I have to check if they look good enough to wrench the attention away from the girl, see this isn’t like H2S (Happy Happy School) where it’s pretty much an ensemble cast, in this one, it’s all about one girl which is why it feels weird to me that I have to put other girls in it when it’s supposed to be her show.

I will give it a try since Arashi no Saxophone didn’t wrench my attention away from Airin.

Of course, I have to expect lots of crashes.

One other idea was to swap the school stage and replace it with a fantasy world, possibly making this TerraGaia 3. Even though that fantasy world can have room for some technology, it still feels off.  I can’t imagine steampunk/medieval fantasy elves and trolls moshing in a pit with fairies and manticores to some nightcore music.

I think the reason for this is because it stops being surreal and just becomes pure fantasy and silly. When you compare it to previous videos, it’s more of surrealism than anything else; a town with weird customs, an open secret, a guerilla underground network… but when you consider a dungeons and dragons world with modern music; if dragoncore music played by a DJ elf could be considered normal, then girls walking around showing their boobs is normal and then it loses its charm. The environments I make still have that modicum that it’s still not something one would normally do.


I’m not a fan of doing those “emperor’s new clothes”  reaction that’s rampant in most HMMD’s. I prefer mine to be aware of what they’re doing, like any normal person would be. It’s what makes them charming.

And while I could recycle my Imas Drummers, and I have collected a few of these songs, some genres just don’t mix. You can’t breakdance to bagpipes you know.

Yeah, try dancing Toxic to that.

Here, let me help, play that music while this is running on mute

For some strange reason though, battery powered dildos in a sword and sorcery genre is okay for me, and I blame lots of hentai involving warrior princesses for that.

Long story short, I’m trying out different stages to put Karen on. A beach side area would be great but adding the water effect is heavy. Sure, four selflotion.fx on four different girls is heavy enough, but I got away with it by using a compact club with it’s own brilliant lighting, which allowed me to use the lightweight shadow mob waving their glowsticks around. But in the daytime it needs more detail on the crowds, hence why I used actual models.

Another reason why I am hesitant to use fantasy world stages is that I cannot immediately find lightweight mobs to use. Quick, off the top of your head, can you name models of those who look like peasants or would be wandering the streets of a fantasy era town?

Probably very few, if any. But in a contemporary setting or even a futuristic setting, I bet many could name a lot of models who could fit the bill.

Time to continue sifting throught my library.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/  and introduce yourselves please when you do.


eringe animated

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