Pixiv 372, Karen Daytime Stage, The Value of Stepping Back

372nd Time In the Pixiv Rankings!

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Karen’s Campus Stage Reassembled from Scratch

You may remember some time ago I posted a daytime stage of a new school featuring all four Cookie Fun Girls. As far as that particular idea, it’s nesting in Limbo at the moment considering I pretty much did a video featuring all four of them, so even if I do another video of the girls again, and even though it’s on a different stage and probably different choreography, it still would feel like a shameless rehash. Same girls, different venue.

Now here’s the version with Karen going solo, albeit now set in an all-boys school.

But here’s something that’s not told in the picture. It’s not the same file albeit with three less girls, it’s a completely new file. Yes, I assembled the entire scene from scratch. The main reason being that Karen’s analkini was pretty much time intensive to construct because they’re just accessories OP-parented to her body…which means everything else was added manually and from memory.

I think the stage needs a few more splashes of vibrant colors here and there. I’m sure even a boy’s school wouldn’t be all somber colors all the time. Plus some corrections to be added…like changing the textures of some signs to show only Karen. While I liked the idea of the Cookie Fun Girls being enjoyed by both sexes, there’s also the charm when you contrast the genders as well, plus the Airin sisters have pretty much taken over the slot of catering to a lesbian fanbase while Karen has been shown in mostly hetero settings (by mostly I just mean one video, and that’s Happy School, not to be confused with Happy Happy School). Charlie’s pretty much onto tacos than sausages as well, or more precisely the wincest angle with her sister Jackie. So that leaves Karen to get some boys.

Or all of them.

Extra: The Value of Stepping Back (to admire the bigger picture)

Quite recently I was asked to review a certain video by someone…since that was asked for discretely I won’t say who. Suffice to say, they may, or may not be trying to emulate what I do.

For those who remember the time I used to review other people’s videos, or basically just give my thoughts about it… I said that if one isn’t going to populate a venue that’s normally supposed to have people there, then it’s best to use stages that are more synonymous to solitude, for example, a bathroom, a bedroom, a park, a lonely beach. There’s quite many stages like these that are way more colorful, vibrant, and most importantly, INTERESTING to look at even if it’s just static scenery. Especially when lots of performance venues in MMD tend to look very dull and dark without special effects.

When one starts using a performance venue, be it a gym on a japanese stage or a simple night club setting, either one should show the mobs gathered in there, or not at all.

A good example would be the gameplay of the Idolmaster games which never shows the audience except for sound cues. A bad example are those countless videos where they rotate the camera to show an empty space.

Or a crowd of invisible men watching her.

But even worse is to just briefly show them, you have to let it sink in.

Consider what I did in Happy Happy School. there were a lot of shots of the girls without the glowstick crowd in the foreground, but everyone got it was a live event because I spent the build up time showing them.

Of course, one doesn’t have to make an hour long trilogy of build up to 80’s rock music to do that, consider the following.

Even without all the bright backgrounds and effects, everyone who saw this video, knew the girls were performing in some crowded venue because I showed them this one first.

The usual reason why people would be hesitant for a far away shot is usually less time for some good close ups. That is true, but in just about every choreography motion in MMD, there is a lot of dull moments in them, those would be good times to show far away shots for your mobs.

This is vital because especially if one is trying to do these kinds of hmmd, one should put all the assets to maximum use. You have to step back and show the crowd, or the surroundings the girl(s) is in otherwise, it’s just wasted time, ram and processing power. The whole charm of an exhibitionist video is that there are onlookers, be they ordinary clones of the same three people or a hyper diverse crowd, each moving in their own way. In this genre, the onlookers are just a vital as the main character herself, otherwise, it would be better to just use a bedroom.

Is there a ratio to this? Not one that I can quantify at the moment. The simplest way to preserve the girl’s sexy camera view while showing the onlookers is to cut to a shot from behind, usually at parts of the choreography where the hip work is at its sexiest. For frontal shots, it’s best to use them during a.) the slowest and uninteresting parts of the dance (like when they start singing into the invisible microphone or start the “step left, step right, flap your arms like a chicken and twirl around” routine) or b.) when it’s repeating itself.  Many,many choreographies in MMD have these sections and these are the times to pull back and let the viewers of the video let the whole atmosphere sink in.

Now I’m not just saying this because I feel like a wise old sage passing on wisdom to the next set of perverts… I’m an audience too, I need my research! XD

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/  and introduce yourselves please when you do.


eringe animated

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