Pixiv 368 and Karen’s beach design

368th Time In the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


Happy Happy School takes place before Project Jackie, which explain Jackie’s willingness and knowing what to do. I guess Charlie said she’s now part of the Troupe.  How do you pronounce that word? I keep saying it as “troop”

Karen Looks a little too familar…

Karen Rodin’s the least used Cookie Fun Girl, partly because i like Airin’s big, curvy, and bouncy ahoge flopping about …I swear it can shoot beams and spin fast enough to cut things.

Inciddentallythis design is not a single character, rather just a base body and then the bikini is composed to different accessories. Old habits die hard. She does kinda remind me of that Dead or Alive girl and I’m thinking of some excuse to have her do some kung-fu while in that scandalous outfit. Maybe it’s the peach skin or combinations of pink and black that makes me think of kung-fu.

Either way, the only way to find out where this ends up is to build on it.

Stay wiggly!

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eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 368 and Karen’s beach design”

  1. Jeez-o-wiz you put out a lot of new material this past weekend!!! Thanks for every bit of it – 3939! So glad you released the locker room footage separately. To see the CFC girls walk into the club in school girl uniforms and then come strutting out butt naked in nothing but heels to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was a real WOW moment! The contrast was stunning and a great editorial decision. And good lord did those girls pour some “sugar” on that stage!
    I see you are entertaining thoughts for a video featuring Karen. I do hope you will consider completing Project Jackie first. Since that carpet munching scene in Happy Happy School I can’t wait to see what transpires when she finishes her performance in the Sunnyvale gymnasium, lol. Maybe her over-sexed cowgirl sister will come join her and ride her face like she’s a wild pony, haha! Then spin around and return the favor. 6969 – 3939. 😉
    Also want to see E3 of May’s story and more collaboration between her and Rin. Again, great stuff! Thanks for a Cookie Fun weekend!

  2. Whaaa a new standalone Karen project!??!!?!!!?!!!!”! YES PLEASE. my favorite girl! She performed well recently. Maybe she can pick up where she left off with some dildo riding festivities. 😀

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