Happy Happy School Extended Locker Room Edition Out now (and Pixiv 367)


You can now watch it here:


The recommended order would be the Rei Charles Intro, followed by Happy Happy School. The Extended Locker Room Edition is pretty much more of an epilogue or bonus of sorts. I had to remove it due to it feeling a little disjointed and that it kinda diminished the impact of the intro of Happy Happy School.

Speaking of which, I’d like to bring up the difference of lighting between Project May and Happy School, but would you believe they used the same effects for the stage?

Visual art is all about special effects.

Also,it seems kinda fitting. Project May Ep.2 had these dark undertones because she was forced to perform while Happy Happy School’s brilliantly lit and vibrant set fit the ecstatic atmosphere.

367th Time In the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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And here’s today’s Pixiv Treat!


Stay wiggly!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Happy School Extended Locker Room Edition Out now (and Pixiv 367)”

  1. Like the first half the most. Just my opinion tho. You always do good work. so much detail. Background chars and all.

    1. Thanks! I feel so too myself, I think it’s because of the Def Leppard music which to be honest…was inspired from Family Guy. Yes, the one with Homer and Peter down at the car wash scene.

  2. I want to live in your world! Your best effort yet, so much to comment on. I loved the venue, the place is way more than a strip club, more like a a major Vegas type stage show. So much to take in, from the video screens to signage, to lighting, even the neon lit bars. And who said white girls can’t twerk? There’s nothing better than watching a naked girl dance unless it’s watching 4 naked girls dance. Four naked high school girls at that. The choreography was terrific and some of the camera angles were off the chain! They are going to need a mop and bucket brigade after that performance. I also liked the preview video with the girls dancing in their white bikinis, grinding their booty till they soaked thru their panties. Great decision to hold off on the nudity until the quartet made their grand entrance. That had some serious erotic impact when they strutted into the crowd wearing little more than stiletto heels. Damn near my favorite scene from the entire video. Karen and Charlie were tearing it up! Looked to me like some original dance moves, stuff I’d never seen before and very hot. Lots of familiar faces in the crowd. Huge climax at the end – pun intended, hur hur hur. The stage show devolved into some really dirty live sex show with Charlie and Jackie going all in. That and Karen’s playtime with her collection of toys was a heart stopping way to end things! And to think that when it’s over these girls will simply go home to dinner with their parents makes it feel even edgier, hahaha. My only wish is that May and Rin would have taken it to the next level, but I’m so glad that Rei Charles caught it all on film. Outstanding!

    1. “I’m so glad that Rei Charles caught it all on film” that totally made my day XD thank you so much!

      I feel relieved now I made the right choice to put off the extended locker room nudity and place it onto another video instead. The dance scenes where they split up in pairs allowed me to use motions that have been mostly restricted to sfw because they’re more of legit dancing as opposed to showing off their bodies (i.e. street dancing motions). A bit of a scene I wasn’t able to put there was that the sex toys came from Kokonoe Rin (hence the bag looking like so), but then would be ordered to head to the stage later because the Jamaican guy told them that the Cookie Fun girls were going to come down and have fun with the audience… i.e. they need another set to man the stage. So Rin would just drop off her bag at one of those tables…Rin Kagamine would see it and lead Karen to it and give that boy a good show, you know, the Kaito who seemed to be aging backwards XD. It just sounded so complicated and unnecessary so I just decided to have that bag magically there.

      ~(^w^)~ once again thank you so much

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