Pixiv 363, and Bridging the Main Scenes

363rd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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Bridged The Intro Gap, now the Twerkfest

So after moving all of the naked locker scenes, I’ve replaced them with scenes of the girls dancing in a bikini, and right after showthing them in their uniform, then their underwear, so it’s a progression.


So for those who haven’t followed my last posts, or seen the teaser pictures I left in Iwara, the prelude in the locker room had shots of the girls already naked and rehearsing. While it looks nice, for the sake the video it really felt like they were spoiling their grand entrance later on in the video. Not wanting to delete that footage, I decided to move that footage into a separate video to be released after the main one.

So the change is, while the girls are at the locker room changing into their “costumes” the patrons at the bar are enjoying a video of the girls performing while skimpily clad. It’s like kind of a strip tease without having to animate the girls removing their clothes because it’s hell having to make them fold and crease like a real set of clothes.

This scene above looks familiar and I’m doing it on purpose. It’s a reference to Ep.1 of the Project Jackie, the difference being that unlike the former, this video will actually transition into the dance show. Instead of the previous performers (because there are none in this video), it’s what could pass as staff, hence maids and bunny girls.

So now the intro part is finally filled out and now it’s time to bridge the gap between the twerkfest and the regular dancing part. I need to fill it out because they’re positioned differently.

I am considering a “Director’s Cut” but it feels better to really keep everything separated. Also for space reasons, because that means I have to upload twice the value.

And that’s it for me, still got some more scenes to make to bridge things together…and maybe horsehead, scenes because I didn’t make any.


Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/


Stay wiggly!

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eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 363, and Bridging the Main Scenes”

  1. I was looking forward to watching the choreography coach demo the handstand dildo twerk squirt, shucks. You could recycled the locker room scenes as a seperate project, like a sort of cookie fun training school of sorts, the girls could be learning new tricks and could also be teaching other young stars like Jackie, Rin, maybe Kuro gets in on the action. It could play out like a gravure vid or like the training segment from project may. Girls can show off a bunch of different outfits and have some dance off scenes where they’re training each other. The training dynamic was really fun in project May.

    1. XD that idea is so hilarious it has to be done in some silly video in the future. The way I’m seeing it now, it looks like Jackie learned her moves from watching her sister…and in the front row to boot. Rin though, it’s obvious she’s a natural and has done her homework, looking at her antics in canon.

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