Pixiv 362 and Dividing the Movie

362nd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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Dividing The Movie

I’m thinking of separating the Locker Room antics and releasing it after the main video. My reasoning is that the build up of the scene is ruined by the rampant show of flesh in the locker rooms, it seemed better if the intro part didn’t have the show of flesh until the girls march down the club in single file.

That means you get two, two movies!

Another reason for chopping it up was because it was ballooning to over 20 minutes of run time which meant it was better off in smaller bites rather than a long confusing run. I’m looking at you Happy School.

So now I need to reshoot a few intros scenes, which won’t take that long to do.  Given the intro I’ve shown so far, with it featuring the previous characters attending it only made sense that for the main video, the intro should focus more on their cuteness and innocence as opposed to showing their tits flopping about needlessly.

And now for another update to the project, I’ve also bridged the gap between the girls climbing up on stage and getting into position for the dance to begin. It was quite tricky managing to make all the girls move without colliding into each other. I’m not confident that part will in any way look natural but then again, I am not perfect so its better if i leave some scenes of the movie unrefined, besides, it was pretty quick in terms of play time, but it did take me hours to work on.

And now to resume working. Message me any time.

Oh and if you like, you can always reach me on Discord here. Please behave yourselves ( ‘w’ )/


Stay wiggly!

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One thought on “Pixiv 362 and Dividing the Movie”

  1. Just being honest here, I think there’s a lot to be said for delaying the nudity until showtime. Contrasting Innocent girls in school uniforms with those same girls parading naked through a crowd the next time you see them increases the shock value you’re seeking. A few sideways glances and some nervous laughter from the girls when they find their stage “costumes” should be enough to convey what’s coming next.
    When you are piecing all the footage together it’s gotta be difficult to know what’s going to work and what isn’t, especially when your head is crowded with so many creative ideas vying for attention. 😆 In the end you always delight us with entertaining videos of naughty little lolis in compromising situations. Whether that ends up being 10 separate videos, or just one it manages to feel right when you decide you’re done. So thanks for all your long nights and long weekends and endless hours of editing. I can’t wait to see this next outrageous Cookie Fun episode!

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