Pixiv 357 and Completing the Lobby Scene

357th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entries are…

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No you’re not seeing double, that’s two different entries.

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Completing the Lobby Scene

Many iconic movies have a grand sweeing establishing shot. think of Phantom of the Opera or… whatever film spends most of its time in just one iconic place.  That sure would be such a great movie if they just skipped all that wandering through those catacombs and just kept it in some dingy room lit with torches huh?

I thought so too. Grand Sweeping Establishing Views it is!

A few changes, nothing nobody will moan about, but I’m going to use a different exterior for the place, I want it to draw more attention to itself, to the effect that it’s practically shouting “HEY! THIS IS A STRIP JOINT! THERE ARE NAKED GIRLS IN HERE!”as opposed to a more low-key joint like the Bar Dos Coquieros.

I was initially thinking of reusing that factory place I used in the Don Duck’s bar, but the gloomy prison-like exterior seemed fitting only because May was like a sex slave. Airin and friends walking into an imposing looking bar like that just reeks of factory produced rebellious wannabes and posers.


But first, something I’ve been tackling for a couple of days already, the Lobby shot. It runs for only 400 frames but it sure it busy right there.

Getting one person to walk is simple, load a walking animation, but of course, you need to make adjustments so that it looks a little more lifelike and less robotic and jerky.

Getting several people to walk in a line means you have to make constant adjustments for each and every model for them to walk single file.

Getting multiple models to walk in a line while also dealing with uneven terrain (i.e. climbing stairs) well that definitely is a challenge I did not shirk from and finally I got that done.

Not only are the Cookie Fun Girls walking one way (to the dressing room) but there’s also the night’s guests walking into another and at  a different pace, to accomplish this I simply used the Expand feature in MMD to vary their speeds.

Next was creating a wall of their school mates to block the view, not only does it give the idea the place is going to get seriously crowded, but also to block away the empty space so I don’t have to generate and even bigger crowd.

I am not fond of just the bus scene cutting to the locker room. I want to show what kind of place they are going to because even just that alone is a delicious set up. You have these cute girls stepping into a sleazy nightbar, a lot seem to just ignore this and it shouldn’t have to be that way. Creating that kind of strong contrast even without them showing any skin already gets you anticipating much more.

Too often I just get the “bam! she’s in a strip club” we don’t get to savor the fact they’re somewhere they’re not supposed to be in and it’s just a massive shame.

Now before anyone goes “well it’s just a feature that nobody really notices so it’s okay not to break a sweat creating that connection” well then I have to tell you you’re wrong. And I’ll just use one word to break that all up into a million pieces.


They’re always so out of place wherever they show up. Oh she just happens to dismember zombies on the way to cram school, oh she just made it to the military academy, oh she just pilots a giant robot, no need to ask questions?  Out a hundred fictional 3d girls why are only a certain few become the majority’s dream waifu? Well its definitely not the cookie-cutter bimbos who make one apperances with flat characters, that’s for sure.



It maybe an unspoken thing because we can’t enunciate it in our heads well, but it’s there and I’m bringing it up and fleshing it out. We need that element, it is crucial.

So now if you’ll excuse me I have to resume playing Lemmings: The MMD Edition.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

eringe animated

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