354 Pixiv Rankings and the Pre-Show Locker Scene

354th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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One old idea was that she was in the middle of some kind of ritual or parade or…whatever it is where her costume would have been more appropriate and suddenly the monster attacks.  And no, what happened there was a flashback just to explain her change and her resistance to heat.

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The Pre-Show Locker Room Scene


Over the top whiteboard scribbles, why not? They say in the world of silent films, exaggeration is the key.

So basically I’m doing an alternate take of something I did in Project May Ep.2 where May is taught not only to dance but to do it in the most sexualized way possible. This situation is a little different considering they’re veteran performers and just narrowing down their repertoire. Also, there’s a charm to it when instead of just copying someone’s movements it’s something they think of on their own.

Right now I’m working on the practice part where the Jamaican guy stops them during one of their practice moves and either through miming (because I won’t use voice or subtitles) or doing the action himself, gets them to do it in a way hotter motion.

Another thing I’ll be working on of course is when the girls go into the room first, I basically wanna set it solidly in the mind of the viewer that even without this bit of spoiler I’m saying right now is that it’s clear they’re undressing in full view of him.

Anyway, back to work enjoy your weekend and stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

eringe animated

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5 thoughts on “354 Pixiv Rankings and the Pre-Show Locker Scene”

  1. I’m sure the girls can pull it off. “Pull it off, pull it ALL off!” Er, or is it “take it off?”
    Get naked, then strap on those high heels. The girls looked great climbing the stage the other day.

  2. Some dude telling the CF girls how to be scandalous? What is this their first show or something? I feel like they would be rolling their eyes at this guy.. but if were going to allow him the novelty he should be showing them how to clench a vibrator in their snatch and do a handstand twerk while squirting, or how to ride a dildo faster for the crowd, mybe how to suck off a stranger quickly.training worked with May because she was a newb, I’m not following the lore here.

    1. The idea of him doing that was just hilarious XD

      The idea behind these locker room scenes is that not only do I want to show that the club owner wants the girls to do their “worst” in the club but I also want to show that the girls aren’t just being random with it and are working it out. Sometimes when I view videos, maybe it’s just me overthinking, but I really get the idea that some of those group videos just happen to have some collective hivemind or SOP nanomachines installed in them and that’s why they can all move in sync and know what to do.

      Also, seeing the girls in their cute underwear and plain nude forms without the adornments and butt stickers sounds pretty legit. Think of this as the ecchi version of the “preparation montage” you see in action shows where the heroes gear up, except in this one the girls are stripping down and rehearsing.

  3. So maybe the Jamaican is their gay choreographer, hahaha. These girls are about as pro as they come, so it makes sense they would have one to synchronize all their moves and walk them through their line dance choreography.
    The Cookie Fun Girls are everyone’s ecchi heroes. Unlike normal heroes, instead of doing GOOD deeds FOR the public they do DIRTY deeds IN public. And instead of getting dressed and gearing up for action they prefer to get undressed for action. With a little luck we will get to see them “gear up” too. Of course there’s not many places you can put your gear when you’re naked. 😉

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