Pixiv 353 and the Intro Gags are Forming

353rd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

And today’s winning entry is…

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Looks like someone’s found themselves a good place to spend their winter vacation. Hurr hurr, lucky guy.

The lesson here kids, is that if you’re going to be a samurai and you want to get laid, you better work on your Engrish Ressuns.

And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


One of the cut ideas for our snow girl’s training scene ventured a little too much into the hentai territory which, as much as I would like it, kinda was too glaring for the rest of the video which is action, so that hit the cutting floor after some deliberation.

One day I may considering just doing these small snippets of scrapped ideas, my only reservation is that I don’t want to look like someone who just lazily throws scraps to tide people off. That’s not how I do things and it feels disrespectful on my part.

The Pre-Show Gags

Before I resume with the Airin sisters, Karen, and Charlie about to start their sexy show, I wanted to work on the pre-show events first.


While I haven’t set in stone yet which songs to use for the main event, the intro part for the club, I have.

For those not familiar with Touhou lore, the women depicted in that picture are referred to in the fanbase as the “Old Hags” or “Baba” if you prefer to use Japanese terms. That’s because all of those characters are canonically at least hundreds of years old and are always depicted as full-grown adults with shapely bodies in fanart.

Yesterday I spent hours combing through files to get Yukari’s Gap, which is a stylized portal. Having Yukari Yakumo present in the video and not using her signature Gap ability is kinda like making a batman movie without showing the bat signal, or the bat mobile, or the silhouette of the caped crusader, ergo, pointless to use.

Also, if you’re wondering why Yuyuko is translucent, it’s because she’s dead. She’s a ghost.

Now before you think I’m just padding the length of the video, there’s a reason for it. One of the cut ideas I had was that all the girls would head to a locker area, note that I said “area” and not a room, so the boys can see them changing while the guys cheer on. While that idea was ditched because I wanted the audience to keep their clothes on, it simply evolved into something far better.

First of all, you get to see the main girls progressively showing more skin. Second, not only do I retain that idea about “boys watching girls undress” but they also tell the girls how they want to give them a show.

For now Len is just a placeholder since I’m wanting a more masculine looking guy, plus it would look funny for him miming sexy motions. Len’s sometimes-fruity-andogynous charm kinda dullens the humor in him miming feminine motions.

I mean, come on, Karen standing in that sexy black lingerie is kinda worth it all. They look cute in their underwear, it’s a waste to just cut to them in their stifling sailor outfits then BAM! magically nude. I won’t promise actual you-see-them-removing-their-clothes stripping since I’ve pretty muched pioneered that effect and I think I am now allowed to just cut to it.

I think what I want to do is to try to expound a little more on the CMNF and CFNF aspect, hence why getting more and more reserved about everyone just going nuts with each other. For most of my stuff, aside from their cheering motions, most of the characters shrug it off as something that’s normal.

Remember this one?

The premise of that exclusive “club” seems to mesh well with this event. I mean sure it’s not taking place in the school courtyard as I’ve posted before but that’s all there is to it. That daytime show can be for another project.

Put it this way, the bell has rung, and it’s time for club activities…and they just happen to have that club room all the way in their equivalent of Vegas. Or, its just going back to the Open Secret idea and their offering the girls a free ride, in exchange for free admission.

The drinks on the other hand, is another story.

~ ( ‘w’ )~ stay wiggly!

eringe animated

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