Back from the Weekend Visits

And I’m back after a long weekend, just had to visit family to get some nuts and berries to fill my pantry with so I don’t end up shriveled up starved to death.

I’ve also finished a rendering another round of footage, about 5000 frames worth of the girls twerking. I don’t see myself having to use all of them but it’s better to have more footage than you need than less.

…and I noticed that for some reason Airin Ane’s butt tattoos are missing which means I need to reshoot the scene again. I won’t try doing while my browser is open so that will happen after this update.

Now that I’ve been away for two days I’ve been seriously reconsidering redoing the footage again, changing the story from a “everybody wants to get crazy and party” into something more like my usual non-consensual plots… which means having to reshoot everything. Of course I’m not impulsive so I have been thinking of ways to justify the craziness of the current plot line.

See the way I’m seeing it right now, if one just wanted to do an MMD Girls Gone Wild then there’s no need to focus all the attention on the four girls. Sure a bar like this would still have the prettiest girls up on stage performing but  still, if all the girls on the dance floor are just that pretty as well, it kinda feels like the attention should be split between the cuties on the platform and the cuties on the floor.

Logisitically speaking, I could just reshoot everything as a “no the other girls aren’t stripping down, they’re just there to watch the show”  and all I have to reshoot is just the part where they’re walking up on stage.

I’m not sure why I’m not feeling up on it especially when my last project just happened to do the same thing. Part of me feels that when it becomes coed, yuri pairings kinda take a backstage, especially when there’s lots of dicks to bang.

And the thing is, there’s already lots of footage with Dank Vader on the turntable, which means the place can’t be a yuri bar.

I’m thinking the Rei Charles gag can just be a separate silly video I can post on youtube. There’s too much plotlines going on, Kuro and Rin’s, Cynthia and May’s, the Cookie Fun Girls, the Airin sisters reuniting… it’s a mess.

So while I’m deciding which to with, I guess the answer is to generate more footage; whichever line of idea the majority of them start to lean towards, that’s where it should go I guess.

Also, the Pixiv Entries start tomorrow.

~ ( ‘w’ )~ stay wiggly!

eringe animated

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One thought on “Back from the Weekend Visits”

  1. Nonconsensual is so much more intriguing. It adds to the plot which means it adds to your workload, lol. What form of intimidation will be used against the girls? Will they be coerced, or threatened? Will it involve corrupt public officials, gangs, sleazy club owners, or jealous rivals? Will they use blackmail, peer pressure, or torture to get the girls to do what they want? It will be interesting to see what you come up with and it will definitely intensify the sex and the girl’s performance.

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