The annoying glass effect

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Two of the greatest time consumers for today was finding a good stand-in for an elevator, in the end I picked one of those really random pieces of nice-looking architecture that look like oversized elborate stands you’d see in desktop decor.

The second one was the glass effect. I know the Mirror accessory but for some reason it became less clear when i tried to enlarge it to fit the open area of the stage, so after a while, I decided to use the Workingfloor effect, you know, the reflective thingy that turns the floor into a panty-shot device.

The next part, albeit not shown is a gag that was sort of coming, I won’t say which but if you’ve seen the previous teaser material, you’d get an idea what it is.

So that concludes building the footage for the first act of the project.  Basically this project has three acts, the intro, the interlude and the main scene. For the second act, I’m thinking of having to use some of the stripping technology, i.e. the characters actually removing articles of clothing.

As a bit of good news it doesn’t have to be a single model act, but it can be played as a sort of montage since more than one girl is involved.

I wanted to build up the dance scene of the girls going to the club as well as setting the mood for what kind of place the city is.  I mean, Kuro and Cynthia are just perverts and they’d just do it anywhere they want. After Project May Ep.1, I just realized its something I could work on and improve. After all,this isn’t just about the Cookie Fun Girls, it’s about everyone having a great party.

That’s it for now, ~ ( ‘w’ )~ stay wiggly!

eringe animated

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