Working on the Intros of the other characters

First of all, THAT is how you do a sunset. It’s done with effects and as many and as complex as it takes.  Suffice to say enabling the physics even with just this simple layout alone generated sufficient lag.

Today I completed two pieces of footage for Kuro and Rin, however it seemed kinda lopsided that Rei C and the Imas and Cookie Fun Girls get a SFW intro while Kuro and Rin get down to business immedately.

One idea was to do what I’ve done with my previous projects and use different footage for the actual project. Which means for the finished version it wouldn’t have the stuff you’ve already seen in the trailer.

While it will cause some continuity errors, it’s not going to be so jarring.

So here’s my findings regarding the Op Parent bone function:

Maybe it’s my processing power, because i don’t find this issue when I’m just parenting small simple models like swords, shields etc.. but when it comes to attaching models (i.e. those two characters above) there’s a real problem when getting them to stick when the parent model starts to move a little fast or far, they kinda lag behind.

So, not wanting to see them rubberband back and forth inside the car, I decided to move the stage around them instead. Given the low angle and tight lenssing, there was no need for me to add any passing vehicles since most of them would be too low to see from that point.

For Cynthia and May, I haven’t decided yet what their intro would be. I was originally thinking of Kuro and May going down an elevator with one side having a great view of the city below, however I couldn’t find any such stage or an elevator, so I went with the car idea instead.

As for the Cookie Fun Girls in the bus, I guess I may have to reshoot these scenes now. Anyway it wasn’t like I’m obligated to keep the trailer footage for the final project, after all, people do want me to surprise them.

Welp, time to get back to work, I’ll be finishing up a short download spree for various accessories then spend an hour or two searching for an open elevator. Afterwards, it’s back to constructing new scenes in MMD.

That’s it for now, ~ ( ‘w’ )~ stay wiggly!

eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Working on the Intros of the other characters”

  1. Hey, I don’t mind R&K getting dirty right away. Some of us don’t wait for the party to start to get high and drunk.
    Now if that’s how they are before the party, one can only wonder how weird things will be by 4 am.

  2. WOW! You are bringing the heat! I love where this is going. 😈
    Maybe the CF girls could change into their costumes on the bus as they head in town to the club district. Oh wait, they don’t have any costumes! Even better 😉
    “Kuro and May going down an elevator”, or was that “going down in an elevator”? With the whole city watching, heh, heh. Please, please please let somebody out there have a glass door elevator prop!

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