Pixiv 348, Wrapping up the Club Intros, Cameo time anyone?

348th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Just one more picture left before I start ripping gifs for the Moon Dance Remake, or as I call it now, the Yuri Concert Night, either that or the Terragaia 2 set.

Thank you everyone for helping me get into the Pixiv Daily Rankings as always! m( _ _ )m

Almost done with the Cookie Fun Girls’ Parade



The Intro for the Cookie Fun Girls is nearing completion, what’s next? Antics on the Dancefloor; Kuro and Rin’s make out session being just one of them.

I’m also thinking of giving the intro another layer where it starts out in the “bright side”

I may have to use the intro footage I already generated for the Happy Happy School project, anyway I can just come up with another set.

Most of the time I don’t work on a linear set, that is I just produce the footage I like,  and once I find a way to connect them with each other, that’s when I start generating the footage I need.

The reason why this club scene is working out so well is because its very open to a lot of non sequitur scenes, such as suddenly cutting to people making out in the club, which in turn allows me to cover up any continuity problems for the main scene, that being the dancing of the four Cookie Fun girls.  It’s the same tactic I used in the Project May episode 2, albeit the continuity problems were solved by cutting to the KH characters frantically trying to switch to another channel.

So here’s my current itinerary:

  • Create the intro scenes before people head to the club. I’m thinking of something bright, bubbly and inane looking like school activities or playing the arcade or whatever people do for a poor semblance of fun outside of video games and hanging out in sleazy bars or drinking alcohol.
  • Acknowledge elder Airin’s absence from the main cast.
  • Create a short montage of the club; partying patrons, the weird dress code, and do so in a way that without using words convey the surreal rules inside.
  • Find a good song for the pre-club intro as well as the club intro. The pre-club intro can be those generic game soundtracks while the club intro has to be something that hints the high gear party is about to get absolutely crazy.
  • eat cookies

And that’s it for today. I’ll also be scrounging around for MC soundclips, though that is difficult to procure but in theory, if there’s enough lines in that clip, it might be put to good use.

Want to Cameo?

I’m also opening up the possibility of cameos for those who’d like to do so, the only requirement though is that they will have to match the club scene’s quality of effects.

I can provide for the procurement and directions for the club, but suffice to say, this is going to be more complicated since you’ll be using multiple effects and fiddling with the mme window as well as the subsets. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you on how.

Here’s a an idea of the stuff you’ll need to put in your file.

  • PostMovie (both the .fx file and the .pmx controller)
  • (2x) Autoluminous (at least ver.4)
  • Club Duck King Stage (the Naruto Club)
  • The Generic Glowstick Silhouette Mob (preferrably the blue and the pink glowsticks)
  • o_tonemap (at least version 7)
  • pmot_controller (for naked girls who you want to show skin)
  • discolighting

Again I can handle procurement so all you need to do at this point is just make the scene of your girls doing either cheering motions (good for those with big jiggly breasts) or making out (with a boy or another girl, your choice)

The settings for the Autoluminous 1 and 2 as well as for the postmovie and pmot controller I will also provide as well.

That’s it for now, ~ ( ‘w’ )~ stay wiggly!

eringe animated

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One thought on “Pixiv 348, Wrapping up the Club Intros, Cameo time anyone?”

  1. I’m starting to like your non sequiturs more than the main event, lol. It’s those damned naked Cookie Fun girls! They’re so sexy they get the crowd whipped into a frenzy and then nobody can keep their hands to themselves.
    And just what is the dress code in this place?!?! I see a ton of girls running around in nothing but their panties. I think an orgy is gonna break out in your “mosh-mallow” pit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, heh, heh.
    Glad Cynthia is back to molest May without crashing your hard drive.

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