Pixiv 339 and Drawn to the Light(s)

339th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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 It goes without saying the rainy part of the video burned up the most processing power of the PC, jacking up the CPU and GPU temperature over 65C
Besides that and ZCloud, I thought I would never raise the temperature again… I was wrong
But first click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!

Drawn the to Light(s)

Yesterday I worked on the possibility of getting Jackie and Denise with a band in the Naruto Bar Stage.  Naruto Bar, I should totally change that name… oh yes, it was called Club Duck King, or Duck Club, if you’ve seen Project May Ep.2. so let’s just call it Don Duck’s Club.

With a club that bright and colorful, a lot of rock scenes just won’t fit. Maybe funk rock, or some alternative would do. I tried it but a lot of choreography in MMD is built for Pop or RnB or…let’s just say most won’t fit when guitars and drums are involved.

So time to build another version of the file, this time with the Cookie Fun Girls, a DJ, an MC and his pretty assistant and…

The stage is killing me, because now its not symmetrical. The right side is empty and it really scrapes at my eyes and making me blind.  I guess I could try to see if I can cram the camera crew in there.  My camera crew set comes in 12’s and 6’s though I suppose I could either cull of them or use the 6-pack. One at the back at the right side of the DJ table, two at the sides, and three (or two if I cull one) at the front.

Yup, right now the Cookie Fun Girls are the most workable at the moment. There are still more things I need to before the scene I posted can be done, there’s still the issue I’ve long been putting off which is the slideshow at the DJ table as well as the footage on the screens. I’ll be using the same formula as Project May, with the center using a more generic ero footage while the sides mirror from another angle.

Now speaking of temperature earlier, I figured out what caused the temperatures to raise and it was…well the smoke effect, which i had to kick out because it often blocked out the view . Apart from that, it didn’t really detract much from the view, just see the two pictures above.

Now I need to get to work on filling out that empty spot. I foresee a lot of crashes.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 339 and Drawn to the Light(s)”

  1. Damn, that is bright. lmao
    I wonder how much that electricity bill is after each of these ‘exhibitions’. Seriously. On a side note–smoke effects surely aren’t worth stressing your CP/GPU so much it may overheat.(considering you’d have to render said effects multiple times possibly, and more stress = less life longevity for your hardware) And if that happens I’m sure we will all be sad.

    Besides, we have neon lights and stuff everywhere, smoke wouldn’t be needed. As we already have so much glamour. :3

    One thing I noticed though, as far as symmetry goes. Is though sometimes things can be unsymmetrical — it can also make things look less crowded, if you catch my drift. Not to say alot going on is a bad thing. But just another factor to weigh in. Especially if there are certain things you want to be seen most. I.E. details on the ロリ-bodies but it’s a camera crew in the front, and back of her.

  2. The overheating shouldnt happen because on my pc it gets most 38 to 41º C maybe you should open up your pc and clean all the dust that got inside that would be the main reason for overheating.
    If you have a 6 core pc with a powefull gpu and you are using the heat disipator of a pentium 4 then it would be understandable.

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