Yuri Concert Night Out now in Iwara and Pixiv 335

Yesterday I didn’t post a blog entry due to me wanting to devote more time in getting the upcoming Yuri Concert Night video released, and now it is, its time for our

335th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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What makes three straight days of rain bearable? Maybe a cute and sexy girl like Karen dancing in the rain? Of course it does! Either that or Ocelot really.
And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!
Code Tako, huh, really creative of me, hurr hurr hurr. Not!  XD

Yuri Concert Night

Watch it here on Iwara

I’m renaming the Moondance Remake to Yuri Concert Night since its setup is now open for more works. Episode One is the Moon Dance video, not because of the stomping Choreograhy but because of the song that’s played.

How did this remake evolve in such a massive overhaul as opposed to just a slight touch up?

Well, here’s the original MMD Moon Dance Video that I did.


And here’s the Youtube version of it, censored by giving Airin a glowing complexion, literally =w=

First there’s workability, being a single-scene video (sans the Sanaefroggy intro) it would be simple to just open up the file, take out a few effects and replace it with a more modern and more efficient one.

However, knowing that MMD 9.26 can easily replace missing models and make the necessary adjustments, a feat that would crash MMD 7.39, I took a gander at this feature by renaming Airin’s original body model (this file uses a voltron’d Airin), loading the file and when the prompt came up that a model is missing, I simply opted to substitute the missing piece instead. Out goes the hair model, the eye model…etc. Except for the jewelry and the floppy ears. For future works involving this project I will have to cobble together an single model Airin containing all these parts since those unlike the updated Airin model do not have the semistandard bones necessary to do the newer dance motions.

Then I thought, it would be nice if I put some B-rolls in, however the stage area had such a lesbian feel to it that I eschewed the guys with horsehead masks and picked an all-girls audience instead, hence the Marshmallow Pit, a moshpit for busty naked girls.

And as for Rin, well she has to cameo in everything XD

This in turn is ripe for lots of ideas. See I couldn’t make any more footage of the girls moshing together or Rin and May making out without removing more footage of Airin’s dance that I have to, hence why the idea that this concert night should be multipart.

I’ll take a well-deserved rest for a bit, then resume working on other projects ~( ‘w’ )~

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Yuri Concert Night Out now in Iwara and Pixiv 335”

  1. Yuri Concert Night – enhanced with new video footage! Very bouncy and jiggly, very sexy and the Rin/Kuro cameo was hot. Was that it? Oh hell no. Suddenly there’s May dancing with Rin and they’re naked and holy shit! May’s flat chested! Two little kittens tearing it up on a side stage. So we’re done now right? Nope. I ’bout lost my shit in the last minute of this video. Mio finger banging a dripping wet Arin until her eyes bug out of her head making her squirt all over the stage would have been enough, but then May and Rin are all over each other, scissoring and making out when suddenly May goes down on Rin! And Cynthia coaching her to use two fingers was brilliant. So there’s Rin grinding on May’s face while May eats her out and fingers her. I think those two need to make an appearance in every video you do, lol. What you did to enhance your remake was off the chain. Once again you prove you are a video making genius. A most awesome squishy Eringe! 3939!

    1. \(^w^)/ thank you! I really felt the Moondance really needed something more to showcase what a rock concert should be, and while I originally thought it should show a moshing audience, I decided that its better to mix in some yuri in it by showing the audience as all girls, and making out with each other.

  2. I think Rin and May as Kuro and Cynthia’s girlfriends is more a case of Stockholm Syndrome; kidnapped victims become their captors lovers. In a very real sense they are girlfriends, but at the same time are still their sex toys. During their captivity and training they’ve had so much sex in so many public places with so many different people that they’ve become shameless. Dancing nude is no different than simply dancing; eating and fingering Rin in a crowded room for Cynthia’s pleasure is no different anymore than kissing Perverted has become their new Normal. Their “education” is complete.

    1. That’s a good theory, though my personal take was it being an alterate continuity hence May’s flatness.
      I’ve always wanted a Rin who prefers yuri with Kuro, the same could be said for my preference for a willing Sakura with a lecherous Tomoyo.
      Though I suppose it’s kinda moot considering Airin (both sisters) pretty much already do that role of a willing pretty girl.

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