Pixiv 332 and Modernizing the Moondance

332nd time in the Pixiv Rankings!


Start the week right with Peace n’ Cookies! O\( ‘w’ )y Stay wiggly even on mondays and the boring week will zip by! (And no, I will never capitalize monday)

And now let’s start this week with the Three hundred and thirty-second time in the Pixiv Rankings! \(>w<)/

…Drum roll  please!



More Karen to work with!


Moondance Remake the curse of the many bling

Back in the day I had to give models so many .x accessories which means porting them over would be a pain…well it wasn’t because of the voltron method where the body, hair, and other accessories were their own models and they just shared the same motion. But now that my model editing abilities had improved I began creating single models.

Yes, that means I actually skipped a lot of know-hows. Most wouldn’t have attempted MMD with edited models since they don’t have the means to do so. I was one of them too. but I didn’t let that stop me. By such an ingenious trick I was able to make models even when my level of skill was still not in the basics.

( ‘ w ‘ )a that’s what you call thinking.

But of course, that also means that when it come retouching old works, you need to take out the frames that held your patchwork skills bit by bit, and that is a really tedious, but simple feat to do.

As I’m using the new and updated Airin body that Takuya had worked for me, at first thought I would have to manually attatch all the accessories again. But my common sense said…

The solution, take advantage of 9.26’s ability to replace and automatically adjust for missing models. So I renamed the body model, which gave me the option to replace the model with something else.


Next, I added a few changes to the choreography, kicked out a few effects and replaced them with the more robust PostMovie effect as well as sending some particle effects to the bin. They look cool in the SFW version but for this True Version, well they block the view so like HAL I went…

Now that sounds like a few things to do, but let’s not forget who’s project this is, it slows the computer down to a crawl…and let’s not forget how long it takes to render… twice, because I noticed a huge glaring mistake that couldn’t be patched by b-rolls.

Well that part is taken care of, I’ve gotten the main scene rendered as well as an extended intro, and now all I need is b-rolls, to cover up minor mistakes as well as to mask some repetitions.

For the b-rolls I’m thinking of either a close up of the musicians to create the illusion that they’re actually playing the instruments as well as the audience, like the spazzing horseheads


They make concert scenes more lively.

Well time to get to work, these models aren’t going to animate themselves.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~eringe animated

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