Pixiv 331, BadApple Ahogear, New Video in the Works

331st time in the Pixiv Rankings!


…Drum roll  please!




So Ahogear no.15 on Pixiv made it twice into the rankings?

I guess you can say….

it’s PRETTY GOOD (6 ‘ w ‘)6

Thank you, thank you ( =w= )_  I’m here every night. Thank you

\(>W<)/ And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Bad Apple (Ahogear)’s Youtube Release

Speaking of Ahogear, here’s its watered down Youtube version. To be honest I do like Charlie’s snug little thong panties. They look like the type to be see through if they get wet by rain or…other liquids.

The True Version is here:

Alternatively, you can also download the video here:


As for today’s progress report I’m getting close to releasing another video but I need to craft a few more scenes and touch up a few errors. Yesterday, waiting for 9000 frames to render in my usual method was no joke and the PC was slow. By the time I woke up it would be another 15 minutes before it would finish…so I’m letting this machine rest for an hour or two before resuming work.

Oh and after checking the footage in vegas, definitely needs a few patches by reshooting some parts of the video…darned hair’s flying everywhere despite me putting up a massive hit wall (too big to be a box now) around the model.

Is it a remake? Or a new video? It actually is kinda both. But I’m not gonna show any spoilers yet.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~eringe animated

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One thought on “Pixiv 331, BadApple Ahogear, New Video in the Works”

  1. “New” video? Massive hit wall? Hair flying everywhere? Sounds like Rin dancing her ass off, or getting that little pussy pounded, or some of both. I love that flat chested little trollop. One way to keep that mess of hair in check is to keep our little sex toy strapped down in the stockade, heh, heh! Looks like BDSM, but Rin has journeyed a long way from the prim and proper adolescent school girl she was before being sold into the sex trade. I kinda think she likes it rough! More of a willing partner theses days. She will endure anything to get her audience off!

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