Pixiv 327 and Airin vs Alice available in Iwara

Yesterday I was busy rendering a project as well as downloading something huge so I didn’t have the necessary resources to do the heavy lifting of updating the blog.

But now I’m back and I can! (>w<)/

327th time in the Pixiv Rankings!


…Drum roll  please!



Yes, the rain effect also wreaks havoc to my RAM, in the dead of winter it turns my room into summer while its on.


And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


Airin vs. Alice available in now in Iwara


Now to begin with, what I did was just pull up the file that I rendered except…well for some reason its no longer working. Fortunately I keep spares, unfortunately that means its lacking some features because its an older file. But here’s the original version:


So for those new or haven’t heard of this one before. This is the video that got everyone go ga-ga about stripping instead of making the clothes magically disappear. This was made during the time I was still using voltron’d models all using the same motion data to give the illusion that it’s a single model, imagine that, me and my flintstones machines was doing what i7ers and i5’ers were only dreaming of doing.

Now, would you believe that this predates my pre-vegas days? Yup, that means in the original video, it had all the models you see right there. No cut to another video of another file containing different models. There were two airin models here, one that was fitted to the bra and shorts (i.e. lacking the vertices covered by the clothes) and one that had a complete body.

At 4315 frames of the dance (starting from the dance part, not the character select and title screen, as I could still put those footage in using a linear program…in this case avidemux, which I still use to this day to shrink files), the clothed model vanishes and moves away while the fully bodied model takes her place. After that I sort of stopped using that tactic now that I had vegas and I could easily put in footage and arrange them as needed without the unnecessary hassle.

Now I wasn’t a stranger to this, considering that I grew up in the age of cassette tapes back when I was teenager and the things I would do to get the right mix of songs, and that even included crashing in a friend’s place to use their machine to…  record a casette tape to another tape… tapeception.

And right now, I’m still rendering another video and just like Airin vs. Alice, there’s a limitation of which effects I can modernize and which ones I can’t. For instance, I can’t use the pmot skin effect on these because they will look different from their clones…but wait, which video has lots of clones?

You may want to go back onto your library to check which one I’m talking about, which I’ll discuss tomorrow.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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