Pixiv 324 and Project Jackie Ep.1 Out Now!

Today we have not one, but two videos out, though for today I’ll focus on the main feature and discuss the other one tomorrow.

324rth time in the Pixiv Rankings!


…Drum roll  please!



That’s raising your men’s morale, now I’m reminded of those Alicesoft games where somehow banging a girl commander in some sleazy hotel with just you and here somehow increases all of her men’s morale…like shouldn’t they get outraged? Or was someone taking a voyeur video?

I don’t know, if I was one of those loyal subordinates of some commander and she gets raped, I may be interested to see what she looks like naked, especially when she’s pretty, but someone other than me banging her? I’d want blood.

But hey, hentai logic! And I’m all for it…though I do wish she actually did something naughty to raise everyone’s morale. So I guess this video pretty much did that for me.

And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


Project Jackie Episode 1 Out Now in Iwara!

With the video for Ep.1 finally completed I can now delete the raw footage to make way for the dance videos. I got some already rendered but I need more material and some of them have to go, so I packaged them up as Episode One.

I will however be retaining the last few minutes of Episode 1 to shift onto ep.2… or you could say those last few minutes were supposed to be for ep.2 originally, so you’ll get to see it twice albeit the full powered version will come in the next installment.

Also included in the page is the link to Episode Zero, the prologue of the story.

And now, here’s the link, for your viewing pleasure.


Can you spot all the references in this parody video? ( ‘w’ )

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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6 thoughts on “Pixiv 324 and Project Jackie Ep.1 Out Now!”

  1. I love the music you chose! It’s the perfect soundtrack for your video, love the crowd noise too. What a debut! No dialogue, but I’m imagining it went something like this:

    Jackie: “Oh sis, I didn’t realize that was you at first. I’m just about to dance. Have you come to watch me? What a nice surprise!”
    DJ Whispers: “Yes, but she wants you to dance nude – you’re not going to disappoint her are you?”
    Jackie Blushing: “Ummm, no, of course not.” and the dress falls off.
    Charlie: “Whoa! Take a look at YOU kid! All grown up – and look at these tits! Who doesn’t love these tits? Just listen to that crowd! You’re gonna be fine, trust me. Do you know what this is Jackie? No this isn’t a talent show anymore; its YOUR show.”
    Jackie: “Really?”
    Charlie: “Its your Cookie Fun Club debut! Now get out there and give this crowd something they’re gonna remember!”
    Jackie: “Okay, I’ll DO it! I love you sis!” Walks on stage naked.

    And the legend begins!

  2. Heyyy it’s out. Congrats and thanks!
    But oi! Don’t you shite on Alicesoft’s logic! Forward philosophers, them. Maybe that’s the way to get Kuro’s lackeys from kidnapping people(?)… Get her some! :V

    1. I’m not, in fact I like how it’s very forward with it’s “come on, you’re here for the hentai” and how the hero is not some wimp who runs away when surrounded by women. I’m just poking fun at how hentai logic works, of course we know what its all for and we know why we’re watching them but its amusing how sometimes they get very self-aware that “hey! we’re in a hentai video, better get to the sex scene fast!”

      1. “Hey, we’re in a hentai video; better get to the sex scene fast!”
        Not the case here, thank goodness. This emphasizes another refreshing distinction with your story telling magic – you don’t skip the appetizer and entree to get to the dessert. You get us all chomping at the bit for CFC Origins and the performance of the Sex Slave Club, but you take your time and set the table to give us Jackie’s first experience stripping and performing g in public. We can expect to be treated to an even earlier turning point in her life, when she goes nude in public for the first time as an art class model. We get brief glimpses of skin and are left salivating for more. But these aren’t simply wam, bam, thank you ma’am videos, they have much more depth making them infinetely more enjoyable to watch. The sex and nudity may be the highlight of the video, but it’s not the whole video. And that allows you to revisit the story and build upon it, or flash back to a model’s early years. It’s a big reason why I look forward to your new works and Jackie Episodes Zero and 1 have not disappointed. As opposed to “ho-hum, another naked girl, another dance” I feel like I know your models and that makes them fun to watch.

      2. m( _ _ )m thank you so much for the kind words! For me it’s just as important as to who is doing the naughty things as the act itself, so by presenting them as cute and not-slutty it makes their sexy scenes even more worth watching even if its short. To be honest though, I really wanted to get that undertaker gag but had no way of transitioning it properly to the rest of the scenes i already laid out and awaiting render, hence another reason why I made ep.1 of project jackie end there, it just seemed too much of a jump to me from a live hijack of a talent show, to an undertaker gag, to a nude dance which is why I decided to leave it in a cliffhanger. I guess the word is “jarring” too jarring if I just hopped right into that scene. its just like the dressing up scenes in the gym as well as presenting that the show is such a bore to the audience… i learned from my previous videos like terragaia and happy school that i shouldn’t cram too much stuff into one story and let the few ones sink in first.

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