Pixiv 323 and repurposing an old stage

Sorry I was away yesterday, had to do some foraging for a supply of nuts and berries while the sun was still shining. Huh, when its not hot it pours like crazy.

323rd time in the Pixiv Rankings!


…Drum roll  please!




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Reviving the Naruto Bar

Debuting in Project May Ep.2, yesterday I opened up the file again in order to save the MME subsets for future projects. Alternatively I could have just hollowed out the stage (i.e. remove all the models) but one of them was constantly making the file crash, so I went with my original idea of just save the .emd files instead for the main, postpointlight, and two autoluminous (yes I used two autoluminous files)

Now putting two and two together, I know that in the MME window, every time you load an effect that’s Global (for example, Z_Fog, SSAO, PostAdultShader, and PostMovie) it’ll have it’s own tab and there’s an option to check the boxes for other global effects to get them to mix and match. In this case, I decided to check the o_tonemap and PostMovie effect I was using and…

welp, I knew that would happen. So I tried again, this time lowering the Autoluminous sizes to miniscule levels and…

Well what do you know, it looks better already.

Cute girls not included. Which is another thing I wanted to bring up. Kokonoe Rin. Seriously that hair annoys the crap out of me. These girls are just as cute (if not cuter) and have reasonable hair, not a pair of massive wrecking balls attached to curtains that block your view. I mean sure, twintails can do the same thing, but not as bad unless they’re as tall (wait no, those pigtails are even TALLER and wider than Rin herself) which kinda restricts her choreography to slow and… she’s not an old woman with wobbly joins and rickety bones, she’s at the prime of her life and yet you can’t make her dance like one without activating her built-in censor machines.

Yes I have placed huge hitboxes on her to prevent her hair from getting too close but it still doesn’t help with the fact that they gotta go somewhere, and by the law of falling-buttered-toast they will end up blocking the view.

Girls with reasonable hair sound more like it if you ask me.

Anyway the point of it all was to obtain the .emd data of the Naruto bar since it has 180 subsets, with the lanterns occupying 97 of them (subsets 49 to 176 if you’d like to light up them up yourself) as well as applying the autoluminous effects for subsets 2(the ceiling), 6 and 7 (the floral print one the walls)

But another reason was to avoid further having to craft any more “new stages” whether its for Project Jackie or the Cookie Fun Girls revival, it’s important that I create a blank file for the stage to serve as a base for future projects.

Now speaking of stages, Project Jackie’s got some progress too. Since I’ve decided to rein in the effects and the overall design of her stage as well as not create any further in-videos of Jackie like I did with Project May, I can proceed a little further now.

Here’s an screenshot of a short scene before Jackie makes her way to the stage in her new “outfit”.

I’ve culled the audience at the back since I can now dedicate a screen or two to show her from behind. This should work, so long as I keep the camera zoomed close enough to avoid showing there’s nobody watching.  (the rearview camera on the otherhand, will have stuff like most of the stage lights culled since they won’t be seen.)

All that’s missing now for me, is to create a generic loading screen to play on the monitors, maybe a “Please wait warmly” sign?

append =193s to the address in case it didn’t load at the right moment for you.

you know what, I think I’ll do just that for the loading screen.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated


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One thought on “Pixiv 323 and repurposing an old stage”

  1. So you don’t like Rin’s hair? Cut it. Seriously, make your own model. May and Jackie are two of the hottest girls out there, so why not give us a new flat chested little kitten? A young fan who idolizes the CFC Grls and constantly tries to imitate the way they dress and act. Maybe the big girls will adopt her as their little mascot. 😛

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