Pixiv 321 and Jackie’s about to hit the stage (again)

While its only Wednesday, the feeling of making it through the week’s halftime is reason enough to celebrate, especially if you’re one of those with a schedule that goes from the regular weekday-with-the-weekends-off. (I don’t have a day-off, I like doing MMD)

321st time in the Pixiv Rankings!


Presenting our Three Hundred and Twentieth time in the Pixiv Rankings…Drum roll  please!



There goes my favorite scene of the video, making its place in the daily rankings. I think I should really do more of that adorable stuff,

And don’t forget to click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Project Jackie: Getting closer to the Stage (Again)

First off, some good news, I finally completed that scene where the audience finally gets some much-needed beer after watching all that borefest taking place. Having to animate the models in the background waiting their turn on the line, walking forward then stopping as the beer is handed out and even having a bunny girl handing out the beer… yup lots of interaction going on. While it may have only been 185 frames, those are some really long frames. Another good news is that the further down the line I have to go, the easier it kinda got since I just have to copy the frames of the one in front of them once they’ve cleared off their initial spot.


The first model at the head of the line (and at the start of the clip) was the one who took the most time to animate and from there it was only a matter of animating their idle animations, then their walk cycle as they take up the now vacant position in front of them, then copy pasting the motion once they’ve reached their predecessor’s initial spot.

But what’s a beer drinking scene without a toast? It also helped that they obstructed the view at the right moment the next guy picked up the beer so I don’t need to do a lot of super-tight aligning, and just to make things even more certain, I added Yayoi in her bunnysuit (reprising her role and motions from Project May Ep.2) to not only make it clear what they’re lining up for but also to help obscure the view when the background people pick up their drinks.

I’ve never done a POV view type of video, and to be honest it’s just not my thing. But it was fun doing this view while Charlie has some fun while Jackie’s friends look on. Plus it helps pad the scene now that I have found a fitting song as she makes her way to the stage.

Since Weedoka is giving me that weird stare I guess it’s time for me to keep this short and head back to work, but first a short swim .

eringe animated

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “Pixiv 321 and Jackie’s about to hit the stage (again)”

  1. I think we all tend to get a bit jaded watching all the vids of naked girls dancing – yawn. But sometimes there is a moment that still shocks you and more often than not you manage to capture those moments in your videos. In Ahogear it’s definitely when Aaron decides to get naked and walk through the men’s locker room.
    Sounds like we are getting close to seeing Jackie knock the wholesomeness out of the school talent show. She looks cute as hell in her panties and heels. Can’t wait till the show starts and the panties come off.

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