Pixiv 318 and Cookie Fun Phys Ed

318th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Wiggly Sundays! O~( ‘w’ )~[] Stay cool this summer with your favorite cool drink and a delicious cookie!

And now onto our blog post



Our token Loli Cowgirl is pretty good with her moves for today’s winning Entry, with all that mastery of hip swinging and gyrations, its no small wonder they sometimes call her Revolver

And sure as sunset we know she loves a good bang, hurr hurr hurr.

And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Phys Ed Cookie Fun Style!

Our Cookie Fun Girls show a little more skin with these adorable bloomers for a short Gym scene meant as a visual appetizer for the cuteness to come.

Though I do have to say that’s as far as I’m going considering that anything tighter would cause lots of clipping, so I guess school swimsuits are definitely out unless I can magically find one that miraculuously fits.

I took a break from the Man Cave to work on these scenes since this is one of the more tedious ones and I was feeling extra industrious today (and taking advantage of the chilly rain to not overheat my PC and have these rendered immediately). Tedious due to the fact that in order to save space I need to individually open up each girl’s subsets and find the correct material for their bodies and apply the pmot skin effect. Considering how pricey pmot skins are, you don’t want to waste applying them to anything that isn’t human skin.

I was considering just reapplying the same scenes from old Happy School and putting elder Airin there but what I think is really needed is to make it more like those old sitcoms and comics that revolve around campus hijinks.

Airin works really well as a talented girl so giving her a scene that requires lots of dexterity or quick reflexes works well with her.

In the meantime,  considering how Karen always strikes me as the most sophisticated of the girls it would make sense she’s kinda like a president of some club or even the student council. We don’t get to see much Karen so its only fitting she has a rather sedate scene.

Now it’s time for Charlie and elder Airin’s turn

So in a way, this everyone-in-the-class-room scene is a callback from the previous Happy School video, that too of course took a while to complete due to having to edit specific vertices for each and every model.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly this squishy weekend! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 318 and Cookie Fun Phys Ed”

  1. A Sunday update! Thanks for the cookie! 🍪 I really enjoy how you set up your revealing moments in your videos, giving us a glimpse of the girl’s every day school life makes them more human and makes the big event that much more shocking. The naughty flirty things they do in the hallways and class room is part of the allure that makes them the most popular girls in school. Well, that and their smoking hot bodies. And all the boys (and some girls) are day dreaming about what they must look like naked and what they’d do for the chance to bang the crap out of them :). Then suddenly the posters go up in school that there will be a performance by the Sex Slave Club that’s open to all students, male and female, with a B+ grade average or higher. Talk about a dream come true! The four hottest girls in school putting on a live sex show! Goddamn, I’d hire a fucking tutor! Love your models and love your storylines – thanks again for all the “hard” work!

  2. I am enjoying that place holder pic of Karen in the Man Cave – giving head on all fours and naked. If I caught a glimpse of her ass end I’d have to double team that. Her bj skills have dramatically improved since her first attempt in Happy School. Either she’s a natural, or Rin’s a hell of a coach.

    1. She very likely a natural, while the other girls got played around with some toys, Karen has consistently been giving sexual favors throughout the whole video so she’s obviously the best pick, plus that one lucky guy probably got inspired by the footage and wanted to watch the other naked girls dance while getting a bj from the best of them.

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