Pixiv 314, Yuri Garden in Iwara, and The Kool-Aid Run

314th time In the Pixiv Rankings!


Our second entry has made it our 314th entry into the Pixiv Rankings,  looks like our little-known parody video has finally gotten it’s long deserved love.


Now that I think of it, do you really wanna see twenty minutes of Airin’s ass as she crawls around poorly textured stand-ins for some base supposedly in the middle of nowhere? Maybe once I’ve worked a little more on her CQC I guess.

And don’t forget to click here for today’s Pixiv Daily treat!



Yuri Garden: Iwara Release!

yuri garden2


and as always, you can upload the video here


Now just to clarify this isn’t some rerender but it’s the original video with the original encoding. Now since it uploaded to Iwara with no problems, the only logical explanation as why it won’t play with some is due to them lacking the necessary codecs to play avis. Since I use Avidemux here are the possible codecs I may have used back in the day: Mpeg4 ASP (xvid4) and Mpeg4 AVC (x264). Download those codecs onto your browser and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Project Updates: Hey Kool-Aid!

Its the best way to discuss the current progress since it keeps crashing, I may have to remove Rin (Kagamine) from the room considering she’s the heaviest of the mobs.

i’ve been trying with no luck to get more furniture loaded since they’re vital to the aciton. The guys gotta have their beer otherwise its no Man Cave.

Of course that means the usual course of crashes and uber long loading times for both the file and the effects to get a good idea of how things will look, its important.

Think of it this way, it’s like doing construction work and every now and then you need to step far, far away and see how the house looks, especially if it looks like it’s tipping too far out to one side.

So for today’s solution: goodbye Rin, and hello beer.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 314, Yuri Garden in Iwara, and The Kool-Aid Run”

  1. You’re absolutely right about the beer. Got to have a fridge full of long necks (hmmm, what else could we do with those), or a keg on tap, but it’s damn sure hard giving up dirty little Rin for that. Maybe a compromise would be when Karen gets lock jaw she and Charlie can take a break and Rin can make an appearance.

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