Pixiv 313 and the Man Cave is coming closer to completion!

313th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Ahogear’s first gif marks our Three Hundred and Thirteenth time into the Pixiv Rankings. I don’t think a lot got to see this video since the previous one, either Rin or May Ep.1 got all the attention instead. Either way that’s fine since this can now look very refreshing.


And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


The Man Cave is nearing completion

The Man Cave has now been filled out, and I’d say it’s about 95% complete. What’s the remaining 5%? That’s some more posters, a chair or two (especially for Rin), and beer, lots of beer.

Once that’s done I can start the onlooker’s idle motions. Karen’s stuck on blowjob duty while Charlie and the two guys I need to do a groping animation.

Also, I will need to change the designs so that the guys each look different, each of them is a separate model btw, they just don’t look like so since I haven’t taken the time yet to change their clothes textures yet.

Of course once that is done I can now set the next scene that’ll be playing on the TV. Yup, it’s pretty much becoming a kind of Screenception, literally, this is a scene in the screen that’ll play on campus, and the scene that plays in the man cave….fortunately will not require any of those.

Now for the posters I’m thinking of borrowing some pictures from other MMD models, but then again it might be better if they’re the ones done in traditional lineart (like the one you see).

I’m also thinking of “figurines” adorning the TV table, by figures I mean they’re just flat textures with transparent backgrounds. If you’ve seen that one Otaku room in MMD it has such figurines but they break the illusion due to them being done in traditional art as opposed to a cutout of an MMD model.  Since I don’t see myself having to zoom close to the TV and the table anyway, it should hold the illusion pretty well even if its just a flat plane.

Well, we’ll see how it turns out.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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