To the ManCave!

The definition of a Man Cave is “a place where awesome things happen” and that is what I set up to do when it comes to the guidelines of setting up the place.

The original office-like look was pretty much boring, just static shapes that put me to sleep just looking at them. Boxes are for shoes, not 3d objects in the shape of people that real people feel strongly about and fap or schlick themselves over.

And so after some research and some diving into my library I’ve come across some material I can use for a Man Cave.

I noticed a lot of retro motifs in some man caves I’ve seen, and I can understand why; it hearkens back to the age of muscle and pride in hardwork, hence why a lot tend to be western themed or sports themed and lately video game themed… though personally only some video games can be considered…here’s a tip: gore and sex like good old Pulp or Sword or Sorcery or Noir.

Since its summer I’m going for a surfer theme to go with the retro jukebox (Which will be playing anachronistic tunes). Some of the decoration does feel a little like they’re clashing too much with each other but that’s intentional.

Now before some think that I’ve just pulled this idea out of my butt, it’s something that’s festering (ok maybe that’s not a good choice of words to use emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx) for a long time since Happy School. I was pretty much dissatisfied with a certain scene that nobody mentions. Lemme refresh your memory; at Episode 2 after all three girls are done dancing in the Gang Den, it shows an alternate bar-like lounge stage, the one where Airin was dancing on top a guy staring at her pussy while Karen gives him a blowjob and Charlie gets banged on both ends. Can’t remember that scene? Point proven.

Anyway that scene was hastily put together and I felt that it didn’t really contribute anything new, it kinda felt like a rerun of the park scene in Episode 1 albeit everything in one picture.

Not that it was a bad thing but it kinda felt drowned out by all the better stuff out in that same episode, and I’ve been wanting to redo it and have a better stage.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the scene for the close ups is now getting closer to completion and can now double as a separate work of its own.

I’m thinking what that video about is kinda like the girls’ “summer camp” video and hence their performance in campus is basically what they’ve already done back at camp.

Still need a few more things until I’m satisfied with how it turns out and then it can be ready for either version I come up with first.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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5 thoughts on “To the ManCave!”

  1. There are no plants in a man cave.
    Muscle cars, yes
    Posters of naked girls, yes
    Pool tables, yes
    Anything to do with old sports memorabilia, race cars, beer and naked women is in. Cats are out, dogs are in.

  2. Struggled to get Terra Gaia2 to load on my phone, but worth the wait. Your little kitten looks great in heels! And I loved when she stuck the three-point landing. Thanks for that tight shot! What a gorgeous bunch of killers! Such sexy assassins! And the cut away scene in the bath house was very erotic. I could watch your models all day. Love the way their ass tats jiggle and their boobs bounce. Laughed my ass off at the chicken little soldier guy with the basket thing on his head – runs the wrong way and gets blown the fuck up, hahaha! Nice comedic touch.

    1. \(^w^)/ thanks! i was planning it to have voices and that guy with the chicken coop on his head do the Wilhelm Scream as he was blown away, but I didn’t want to spend too much time compiling voices to use.

  3. And the “good wholesome fun” is just about over. 🙂
    It’s about to get nasty at the talent show. Aaah, what Jackie won’t do for her big sister’s approval. The Daisyvale High Talent Show is about to get hijacked!

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