Done with Refurbishing the stage

Took me awhile to find slogans that fit both ends of the spectrum, the more I look at them, the more it reminds me of murals you’d see in some restaurants. That sure got me hungry =w=

I mean seriously, one of them really makes me want to go out and get a delicious submarine sandwich, probably overloaded with tons of corned beef, mustard, and pickles.

I have been wondering what to call this place’s varsity so I thought, why not Stallions? It’s amusingly fitting.

The left side of the stage has the two hosts, a boy and a girl since I’m now making this a coed setting as opposed to an all-boy’s campus.

Now the only thing  left is to fill in the space on the other side.


No ideas came for a statue considering that Haruhi was a 3mb monster…its a no-go considering that each of the Cookie Fun Girls weigh in at nearly twice the amount due to them being high poly enough. The Imas girls and the doods weigh in at 2MB average each.  Long story short, I needed something that was lightweight, so my solution, why not some kind of sign that tells about the event?

This is an official event of that school right? So there’s got to be some kind of sign somewhere that tells what that occassion is all about.

So, why not this?

And there you go, the stage is now completed.


Well there’s still the alternate “non-voluntary” version.

However I’m still not that convinced with them being forced against their will considering that I’ve yet to think of something really new that I haven’t done before in the first Happy School. I mean even if I do complete that pig scene that Airin imagined…what’s really new with it? You just sat through the same old parade scene except this one had a payoff to it.

Which is why I’m leaning heavily towards the voluntary version. Maybe reluctant but willing enough that any knots involved are pretty much just a formality.  I’ve seen this trope before, but nobody has done it right. Yet.

Before I end this blog post, here’s my itinerary for today. Time to get to work on the close up cameras. I’m not decided yet if I’ll do the main scene first then design the close up screens from there, or vice versa. In addition there’s also the center screen loops which I need to do. I suppose I’ll do the same thing I did in Project May Ep.2 and leave them for those oddly satisfying loops like the My Little Butterfly hip thrust or the Bikini Dance or KDRD, or maybe drop all subtlety and use the sex motions.

At least for now, I finally got that stage done in just two days.

One more thing, here’s the forced gravure version, or should I say, the frowning version. They sure don’t look that embarassed though.



That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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3 thoughts on “Done with Refurbishing the stage”

  1. Well, if its a Happy School, dem hoes shuld b hppy, and no pig, yuck. The whole bestiality thing as always deterred me, tats when I turn it off.

    I’m going to refrain from getting too wrapped up in this one for various reasons, Karen is looking hot af tho.

  2. So you can only attend if you’ve got a B+ average or something? Geez, I bet a lot of the boys and girls will be up late cramming, uh for their final exams. Bet the guys will be studying hard, wink, wink.
    I like the voluntary premise; these girls are sexually aggressive and I get the feeling they were planning to perform before the end of the school year with or without approval. The reluctant ones in this case are the administrators, the authority. But by endorsing this exhibition they at least get to look like they’re still in control. And the girls tossed them a cookie! They agreed that no one with shitty grades would be able to come to the performance. And no one’s gonna want to miss this, so get those grades up kids! And by graduation the head honchos will be able to boast that their graduates have the highest average GPA in the city – win/win. Problem solved! I want to be President of the Sex Slave Club, lol.

  3. ideas n stuff: Your patreons have dropped a bit since the last time I checked. I can tell you’re trying to grease the wheels some and put out something, anything since your larger works keep catchings snags. Maybe a song in a box here and there, a remake or reboot with updated graphics and girls might keep the patreons smiling. This is harking back to the shorts I suggested earlier, pad the time in between the big projects, keep the dogs fed they’ll keep coming back for more, starve them too long they’ll start to look elsewhere for the fix, or just stop caring in general…

    TG2 was a nice treat, too disjointed for anything beyond a quick effort and compilation of new characters and outfits. I would love to see the techno loli world tour, re tour. Your good at making characters, you need to have a quick outlet for them that isn’t bogged down with all that weight and story of the featured works. The loli world tour would give them time in the spotlight and would act as introductory vids that would give them more context to be in larger works. You would benefit with having multiple tiers of works. I would require new girls to go through the ringer of the loli world tour first before they can be in a featured production. It would give a quick outlet to see new outfits and girls in action, and would keep your patreons happy and generous and interested/invested.

    I think people just want to see more. I would rather see a dozen one song, dance in the box productions from you, than anticipate featured works for months on end that never get released. Its a fast food, high fructose, instant gratification world, don’t stop making your featured productions, but I would still capitalize on the standard format that the channel was built upon to maintain its backbone. Sometimes we just want to see a bitch dance naked for five minutes in a sexy as shit outfit with a dripping snatch, without having to worry if there are enough totem poles in the spaceship.

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