Making the Happy School More Colorful

I remember the intro of Cool Runnings, where at a footrace, one of them trips over causing everyone to stumble and hit the ground. Showing at the background was a poster saying”In Unity there is Strength” which struck me as humorously ironic. That scene wouldn’t have been that funny to me had slogan not been there.

This is why I take my decorations seriously.

When i think of a school setting, I’ve been wanting to make it look a little more legit, despite the outlandish situation and outlandish decorations. This of course means that aside from hanging up massive pictures of the girls all over the building, there also has to be legit looking decorations.

First off there’s a “Founder statue” something I see in school courtyards and other similar places. This is definitely ripe for a joke. I’ve seen various media have silly looking founders such as Colonel Sanders in Urusei Yatsura, and Georiders having their statue of the founder striking a Saturday Night Fever pose. Now that I think of it, I don’t have that model of Colonel yet, but I do have Ronald.

In some institutions they even have a statue of a religious figure (like the catholic school I went to)…so as I said, this is just ripe for humor. Haruhi, Shinki, Kanako, Suwako, Kyubey, Madoka…

Or Frieza

Or I could use an iconic figure, maybe an iconic figure to HMMD, which would easily be Alice, if not Miku.

Now why would I want to waste RAM on this? Well, it adds a measure versimilitude, and it helps break up the monotone line of the stage when viewed from the front. Plus its also psychological. Whether its the image of a perverted strongman or a nude girl it kinda gives that underlying ever present true agenda of the institution and what it really stands for.

Another decoration I’m looking to build is a “tower” to break up the monotone outline of the building. On the walls of that tower, or maybe elsewhere in the building where it’s easily visible I want to put some kind of inane-looking mural of some sort. I feel its really important to create a strong juxtaposition to add to the surrealism of the scene. Schools usually spare some wall space to put up some massive mural with some uplifting message to it like oh idk…being creative.

I want some more color to the stage, pretty much.

Another reason is because I want to soften the overall look of the school. It looks so squarish, and the exposed concrete make it look like some kind of militaristic academy. I mean sure that’s a nice juxtaposition in itself; the cold hard concrete with the soft vibrant bodies of the girls.

But the problem is that it looks like it was lazily tacked on. Look at how vibrant the stage looks, then compare it to the rest of the campus. I suppose I could just reskin it with bricks or something.

And now for slogans, I really need to think of a definitive one right up on the stage area. I’m thinking of something that would look legit but at the same time look also be eerily fitting to what’s really going on (i.e. the ero dancing show). I’ve tried in other languages (i.e. by other I just mean two, Japanese and Spanish) but in the end had to go back to English since it was the most natural for me. I mean you can’t have a “little slut” butt tattoo where everywhere else is written in plain Japanese now, wouldn’t you? Plus, why bother then making something that would make others stop the video and try to figure out what’s written? Might as well not do so. Finally, I cannot even ascertain if it means what I expect it to mean.

For example, the Spanish one, prety much means “Youth is the purest form of art” which would only make sense if it was an Art School. So that’s wrong. Scrapped it.

Now for the Japanese version, it reads as “Whole Body and Whole Soul” which is a saying you’d expect for a loyal servant but not for an institution that’s all about growing, nurturing, and educating. I pulled it off of Youmu’s bio in Touhou 9

Huh, “Growing, Nurturing, and Educating” itself is an example of what a legit slogan would be you’d have hung up the walls in golden letters, but it lacks the 2nd hidden meaning that also makes sense in that show.  Plus, the slogan has to be a message to the student body in general and not some kind of mission statement you’d show to an outsider.

So I think an more appropriate slogan you’d want drilled into the student’s head would be…for example “Play Hard, Study Hard”.  I just pulled that out of my butt.  Maybe “Stimulate your Mind” would be a little more closer to the 2nd meaning, but I think it needs a little more work. There’s little to stimulate the mind with when you can see every inch of those girls.

If it was a restaurant it would have been easy, that slogan would have been “Service with a Smile” or “Satisfaction Guaranteed”

Anyway, I need that slogan and that statue to create that disparity and I’ll be picking at it until I get the right amount.
Now for the stuff I’ve completed. The sides would be decorated with the banners so as not to create too much screen fatigue.  Plus no one’s watching from the sides. The students are getting the screens on the front and the execs are getting the screens mounted at the back. Also on meta… I foresee myself switching to the rearview anyway in order to capture all the good bits. For now it looks like overkill but wait for it, it’s not going to look like such when I finish this.

The Sakura stand-in banners have been replaced with the appropriate pictures. They were pretty fun to do and I’m thinking of touching them up a little more with text.

Do I have a preference? Obviously Airin(Ane) was my favorite of these four. I do think a little more text would help. Maybe their identical three sizes (which I don’t really know, I’ll just pull it off some random wiki, I’m thinking Athena from KOF would have had a similar build anyway.)


So that’s it for today; find a statue, retexture the walls, break up the monotone shape of the building, add more color, and form a double entendre slogan.

Now before I take my usual dip before resuming work, here’s a gallery, it’s the material I used to create those posters.

Or if you prefer Pixiv, here’s the link



That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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