A Happy Happy School?

Ever since Takuya released the new Airin model, I couldn’t help but get to work on her. What I had in mind was to showcase all of the girls. But how?
Looking back to one of my older videos, it featured two Protoype Airins doing the bellydance. To quote one of the commenters “…for the view”

So that makes me think, maybe the stage can be a little more open. I mean, I’ve done those before where the girl is surrounded at all sides but…

Now I remember how I got to pull that off, with the paper crowd. Well I’m a little too proud to revert to such antiquated technologies but at the same time, I do have my limits. So the solution? We make a compromise. Put the stage far at the back of the area just like all my other videos, and put some smaller crowd watching at the back.
Remember when I mentioned I was planning a school event type of video where there’d be those old foggies watching at the back, and how I said “that is a stupid idea because while staring at a naked girl’s ass is hot, she’s also got a good front.”  Aaaand, problem solved, we use multiple girls, half of them face the big wigs, half of them face the peasants, everyone wins.

But of course, I’m not going to give up on my wonderful screens. It’s just not complete without some huge plasma screen blasting out all the naughty bits and other embarassing videos.

So it got me thinking, is this going to be another coercion theme?

I won’t lie, it’s easy to do. Give her a frowning face, a blush, and some painted-on tears that don’t flow and you have instant ENF and all the dark themes you want. But, I wanna take a break from that one and scale things a little back. I’ve been in the dark for too long. it’s time for the girls to step back into the light. Out with the flashing strobing lights, and in with the bright sunshine, after all, it looked good on the girls.

But will the theme remain in the darker side?

I’m looking for a lighter side. Back in the days when girls like Airin participated because it was fun and stimulating. Well, I shouldn’t count Airin because she’s a weird girl herself. I suppose one of the reasons why I’ve skipped a lot of voluntary themes is because it makes the girl look like a cartoon character’s cartoon character. And what I mean with that is that their motivations are so two dimensional and weird they are just walking plot devices to get you to the scenes you want to see. And that’s like the difference between eating a candy bar and eating a proper meal of roast beef. You’d want to care for the character so that when the sex scene happens it’ll feel special to you, and not routine after all that surfing through various similar videos and manga and others. I’ve said this before, if you’re enjoying a manga of Reimu having sex with a girl, a boy, or both, or many at the same time, you’re probably enjoying it not because Reimu IS being fucked, but rather because it is REIMU who is being fucked.

When you have a two dimensional slut of a character, it just feels hard to enjoy what’s going on when its on a media outside of a single picture. Let’s pick a girl at random here…say Hinata. You would be charmed at a picture of a naked Hinata kicking high and looking like she’s enjoying herself complete with strings of girl juice running down legs while her friends stare at her, but having to read through it in a manga or watch a video of it just feels so disconnected. It’s like watching that Godzilla movie where 80% of the film is about boring bland pointless crap characters with no redeeming value, it just drags on, and on and on until it gets to the scenes it wanted to show us.

So here were my ideas for both the non-con as well as the consensual premises for the Classic Girls

1.) They’re varsity stars and they lost, tarnishing the school’s name. Hilarity ensues as they undergo “special training”
2.) Their exploits are an open secret, everyone is too nervous to bring up to them because they might lose their fap material, until Airin says “well I don’t mind, let’s do it…masters.”
3.) The real Happy School is just doing roleplay stuff and this is just a snippet of their daily week.
4.) Cue the “our population is failing and we must encourage sex” trope, which is something I see in a growing number of manga. Similar to this is the “in order to prevent delinquencies or untoward behavior, we have picked select girls to relieve everyone’s tension” trope (and apparently the girls are rigging the results every single time)

Right now I’m leaning heavily on the “Happy” Happy School premise. So the tentative name for the project involving the revamped Cookie Fun Classic Girls is “Happy Happy School” it sounds so engrish and lame, which fits. What? Happy School didn’t sound cringeworthy before? Sure, it did sound like those “This title is obviously misleading” videos.

And now for the other projects.

Kula has got her fanservice scenes finished up but there’s still some footage to take care of. I think I’ve shown a little too much already with her project since I don’t wanna spoil how it turns out.

What I can say is that trying to render her scenes with all that fog, flames and other elements during a blazing summer day, is just not a good idea. At 70C I halt all heavy work, that is just too much for my computer to handle, hence why it’s coming along slowly, but surely.

Jackie’s project is also experience the same issues. You’ve seen those foggy scenes and they’re really dense. I need them to, for special reasons. if working those scenes with the effects on at 70C was bad enough. Try 84C , I halted rendering just like that and didn’t do MMD until an hour later. Can’t go around killing my gold-laying goose here.

I could try working at night but at that time, sleep is just irresistible. Trying to nod off in this heat is just out of the question, I’m not going to risk a heat stroke and never wake up again. Then again if I do… it would no longer be my problem… but I’m not a dick and I’m not going to start now.

So my rule is,  at one year of absolute silence, assume the worst. At that point, whoever holds my stuff I’ve shared, its up to them to distribute them.

Now that we got that crap out of the way.  onto the rest of the projects.

Obviously working on the Cookie Fun Original Girls was not a case of “I need to craft stuff from scratch inasmuch as it is ” I need to build something that is both functional and makes sense”

You can see the pics here


Of course I did do some crafting. The school courtyards I have were either too plain or had too much stuff at a level nobody would be interested in seeing them. So I simplified a few models (removed vertices) then covered up the now empty shells with reflective glass (by reflective glass just color them light blue-green)  That takes care of the courtyard stage. I love the idea of this since it means that they’re in a place where anyone can pass by and see them. But at the same time I don’t have to animate them as I did in the original Happy School video during Charlie’s torture scene

Charlie Electric Horse3 Charlie Electric Horse2 Charlie Electric Horse1

So just to clarify, it’s a combination of the wooden/triangle horse (i.e. her sensitive parts are compressed by her weight at a very thin point, making it painful and pleasurable at the same time) as well as a rubber “saw” that plays havoc on her clit. And of course the inevitable butt plug to keep her in place (not very visible, but just zoom to the part where the boy was groping her butt)

So when the professor girl pressed that button, she wasn’t electrocuting Charlie, she was just causing the “saw” to rub her clit back and forth rapidly

But that wasn’t what I was trying to talk about emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx

Long story short, I moved the stage from a tropical themed resort to a more sophisticated-looking campus courtyard. I like how the courtyard is both a secluded exclusive place, kinda like being in a dungeon deep in enemy ground with no hope of escape, but at the same time is also a wide and open place for the whole campus to come over and gawk.

Definitely looks better than the school courtyards I’ve seen. It has that feel of a harsh campus culture softened by the greenery and flowers.

While my plans were foiled for making a catwalk as well as a 360-degree stage, I still got the basics done. Why did the 360 stage fail by the way? Well to begin with, having a catwalk means tripling the crowd capacity. Two crowd sets on either side of the catwalk, and a third side facing it.   Now the human eye requires at least three cloned movements to look “noisy”so that means putting on nine models.

Which means a grand total of eighteen if I wanted the crowd to fully surround the stage. That was simply not possible with this season’s temperature and my hardware limitations. Hence, the compromise of making the crowd at the back just some suits…probably the executives or high-ranking faculty.

Which means another set of triple screens stationed at the back for their viewing pleasure, as well as ours. That means whenever I need to switch the view between Charlie and Airin Ane to Karen and Airin Imoto (The Ahoge Airin) there’s still those triple screens for your viewing pleasure.

For now I’m recycling the Sakura posters from her Ero Dancing video and will reskin them with the appropriate girls.

There’s a few more things I need to fill out in this stage,  the skydome for one, as well as having an emcee. I don’t know, it just feels more natural to me that there’s a guy or a girl with a mic looking like they’re directing the show.

I’m not sure if I’m going to add the DJ table and I’m thinking of a separate scene of the sound crew elsewhere offstage just working on the PA system. Another reason is that without a DJ, I’m now more open to various music genres and not just electronic dance. For events like these, people just play from discs or tapes, or whatever medium they use nowadays, prolly USB.

I’m pretty sure its not uncommon for the old foggies to let the the greens play their “infernal racket” during such events but I’m also considering the possibility of them playing their retro tunes as well. For me, having them play their music isn’t just to make the student body cringe but also to show that they’re really into this whole event and not just boredly rolling their eyes at their juvenile antics.

I’m not gonna go that retro though.

Finally another thing I want to add is some lettering on the building.


I’m thinking of some inane wholesome slogan for the school, yes in plain english, because I’m going the render the letters in 3d and give them a metallic .sph texture.

So as I end today’s blog update, what was your school’s motto, or whatever inane slogan they had plastered to nearly every wall? Let me know, we might be able to make a hilarious parody of it.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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