Airin 2.0 brought to you by Takuya

First of all… wtf is this?


I know I’ve seen this before, it was actually not a silly episode but some big moment, but after time has passed and you see this screenshot…you start to wonder how befuddling the hype glasses are.

Anyway, that’s what you get when you try to backtrack through Naruto episodes for me to research on.  You see an Ostritch kicking and biting the hell out of a hedgehog.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed to the next item, my lack of blog updates for the last few days.

A few words actually;  ZCloud, Selfburning, SelfThunger, SelfFreeze, Pmotskin, Pmotskin,  aaaaand Pmotskin. neko_emoji_10__furious___v1__by_jerikuto-d723m9c

Having the PC freeze up for twenty minutes at a time was definitely horrible. What I could do have I a modern i7 machine with matching RAM and GPU.emoji06_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9hm For one thing, I wouldn’t squander it with single-model dance in a box videos and release them wholesale.

Project Rin would have been done in less than week, single scene projects wouldn’t have to be recreated and reshot fifty times over to get separate “what you see is what you get”  close up shots…

emoji18_by_emoji_icon-d6kva8g Oh and this stupid season. Summer is the worst season, it’s overrated, like every I-shall-not-name boy and girlbands that are an offense to all things awesome and epic.

But, I am still trudging on.

emoji14_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9wqTo begin with, I have some good news, Takuya is back for now and I got some really great updates to Airin. When you add Airin 2.0 and my newly discovered pmotskin technology, you get this:




She’s pretty much a transformer now. More than meets the eye. Looks like after Charlie and Jackie, we can have some Airin 1 and Airin 2 wincest going on. I have been long wanting to do a full length  video of these two girls. kaomoji_set_54_67_by_megaman5000-d7dmhdf

tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrHooray for wincest…or is it Selfcest? tumblr_m6t4usxeih1qgsbho_by_chipi_chiu-d90w1q1

They just look so good together they need some cuddling time. Before I do that though, I need to reapply the “new airin hair” to one of them.

That also means that Charlie will no longer look inadequate when placed beside Jackie. Up until Takuya’s triumphant return, I was kinda hesitant having one of the classic girls strip next to a Shinra Doll body.neko_emoji_28__yay_sho_happy___v2__by_jerikuto-d7c24wf

kaomoji_set_1_7_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8em1Their faces have morphs to make it either sharp and angular or a little more rounded, breast size morphs? Got it. Refit for their cartoony private parts? Check.

Another thing is that since I had the foresight to keep the breasts consistent between the classic girls and next gen ones, it means that the exploding bandolier bra Takuya made for me can be refitted to them.  And I know it’ll work, because Galrider and Denise were fitted with the same bra.

And now for our last item, the ongoing projects.


I’ve already released a short video (which is related to one of them), it will see a public release later on this month hopefully, but for now I prefer to spare my bandwidth for my much-needed music and videos while I’m working. It’s really gouges out a whole lot outta you when you’re trying to work in this kind of heat and the Pc is being such a heater itself too, and with the horrible lag times when trying to load a simple file. Zcloud and autoluminous, postmovie and selfburning effects, come on now, it shouldn’t have to make the machine generate enough heat to bake cookies.

kaomoji_set_2_18_67_by_megaman5000-d7dm68qWhat I can say without having to show spoiler pictures is that another video is nearing completion, I just need to craft a few more scenes and find a way to tell that story without having to resort to text

neko_emoji_38__music___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4whoThen again I might consider putting text considering that the entire premise alone is already so over-the-top silly that another campy element (i.e. the text monologues) wouldn’t make it any less silly.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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