Pixiv 312, and the Model’s showcase video.

312th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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The placeholder name for this girl is “Ayane”… nothing special, just some old character I invented back in the day… uuuh what? You wanna about that old character? Well sure here’s how it goes…

She was basically some main character’s love interest, you know, the same archetype was Lois Lane or Mary Jane (the character, not the plant)… well, leaning more towards Mary Jane because she gets to know her Spiderman is Peter Parker.

Of course as time went on the ideas around it changed. She chases main character who is not interested or she gets chased and she’s not interested at first… bla bla bla

I’ll call that the “main series” so when i thought up of other unrelated works, I kinda liked her enough to make her show up in all of them, kinda like making a separate entity that is aware of all her existences.

Which is funny now that I think of it…I guess that explains why she’s made it to the Cookie Fun Universe.

Samba/Goddess/Dancer Test Model

Special thanks to Don Deloro for making a video of…well I don’t know which since there’s one with bright blue hair, a dark purple one, and light brown. I nicknamed them Kula, Athena, and Ayane respectively.  Also because for the last couple of hours I’m having trouble loading up stuff in Iwara. Hopefully you’ve got better internet than me, so here’s the link!


Thanks again to Don Deloro for making this. To be honest I didn’t even know how those sliders got in there. I didn’t integrate them and were just left overs from accessories, some of which might no longer be there. It’s true! See, when it comes to facial sliders I’m really bad in telling which needs to be removed and which doesn’t, I usually have them removed when i export the file in it’s stripped down “ready for transplant” version, but I’m only a wiggly eringe so stuff like these do slip by and they do pile up.

Sometimes I label them properly so i can note which slider does what but forget since I have other stuff to do like, idk, make scenes or add more stuff to the model.

Just to clarify, Jackie’s top-heavy design was being a little too much for this getup, hence why I used a model that had flat plain hair. I’ll be looking into a brushed down, combed down version of Jackie’s hair But the ones you’ve seen so far, since I want Jackie’s to have some volume, maybe have them fan out downwards, or just use that hair sans the twintails.

So for now I’d say I’m satisified enough with the costume design and will go back to making scenes. I’ve had two raw videos already converted and working them into the time line of the project and need to made a little more.

We’re definitely getting there, so   stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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One thought on “Pixiv 312, and the Model’s showcase video.”

  1. She makes an attractive video. Kudos to Don Deloro. Love, love, love those high heels! Very sophisticated and verrrry sexy! Can’t wait to see Jackie portrayed in that outfit. We all know how hard you’ve been working on this project and your efforts are respected and appreciated. 3939

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