The model to end all shader effects?

How y’all doin? I’m feeling great myself, just woke up, had a lot of stuff done today and need to fine tune some stuff a little more.  Not so hot today, in fact I think I could take a walk a little later

Say, anyone know what pokemon this is btw? It looks friendly.

And now onto business


Working on the costume for Jackie at the finale had me deciding that for that getup she will need to put down her twintails since it adds a lot of design bulk on top… well most of my designs tended to be top-heavy anyway so I wanted to correct it.

One thing led to another and now I’ve ended up giving her a hairswap of some otherwise generic looking girl. But that in itself is charming too. Anyway I will retrofit Jackie’s hairstyle there (sans the twintails) but for now she just looks so cute to work with.

Here’s a sample of the costume at work, posted both in Iwara and Pixiv

for the Front,


…and the Rear view, because I know you’ll love it

You’ll notice for the rearview I’ve updated the textures for her leg ribbon to have the elvish-looking script recolored into a yellow, gold-like hue. It wasn’t easy. Considering that those engravings were pretty much just a few shades lighter than the surrounding color around them. The idea didn’t come to me at first so I tried to spend some time just using the want tool to remove chunks of stuff at a time.

Using the wand tool in Gimp was out of the question.

Desaturating (changing it to black and white) then increasing the brightness and contrast to bring out the engravings still excluded much of the edges, where they start to blend with the rest of the cloth.

Fortunately, the Threshold tool in Gimp saved the day.  In a nutshell, this tool desaturates the work and provides two simple sets of sliders that provide you all the fine control you’ll ever need to isolate bits and pieces of the picture

From there, i was just simplicity itself to pick out those elvish script-looking engravings and use it as a filter to start dressing them in gold. And finally, all that’s left is to place it over a copy of the original (I always keep the originals, just plain commonsense here) and there you go, an enhanced texture file for the leg ribbon.

That pale skin, dark hair and red eyes made me think of a vampire, and those exotic jewelry makes it look like it hearkens to an even older time than the usual time people write them (around the Victorian or some would say, the Byron era)

Which reminds me of this

Ah the early 2000’s before vampires began to sparkle.

Ahhh, there goes my plan to make a Flandre-based video of it. Then again Flandre did fit more of the lunacy-ridden gothic victorian era than ancient Sumerian primordial horrors.

That and the idea of giving Flandre noticeable boobs is a sacriledge

Also, take note of the pictures I posted

These don’t use any effects (besides the global postmovie), She actually comes with a slider that manipulates the intensity of the native shader. It’s so good that I’ll probably not use pmot skin on her, but they do look good though, seriously take a look.

So today I’ll be expounding more on that costume, including a version for other scenes and other girls. The satyr Airin had a similar design however her body isn’t conducive to shaders due to the breasts not being properly meshed into the body. Which is why this is basically a Satyr Airin ver.2.0.

Lots of designing to do today, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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5 thoughts on “The model to end all shader effects?”

    1. This girl is just a placeholder for Jackie. I needed to work on a figure that wasn’t so top-heavy (i.e. jackie’s massive twin tails), because her outline reminds me of a lamp with that huge mop of hair. Using this plain looking girl helps me concentrate on building the finale costume. ~( ‘w’ )~

  1. Love the ass tats! Wanna watch those butt cheeks jiggle when she struts. She does look goddess-like with that headgear; a slutty goddess of fornication and debauchery, heh,heh. Her transformation to a Cookie Fun star is complete! Would love if our first glimpse of her showed her in a glare of bright lights, or sunshine, gradually coming into focus with that Vegas-like headgear. Maybe some day we will get to see two young stars collide when Jackie and Dennise share a dildo.

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