Pixiv 311 and Jackie’s ending costume

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Pixiv 311: No Ecchi in it… so how…?

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Our 311th entry is special as it has absolutely no ecchi in it ever, yet somehow it garnered enough likes to make it to the Pixiv Rankings!


I’m really flattered because it means my series of gifs have made enough of an impact for this little epilogue to make it.

m( _ _ )m thank you very much!

Well, let’s make for another one, this time the one I posted yesterday in Iwara.


Yes, Airin’s going to shove her arm up to the elbow. Charlie’s such a bad sister. Or maybe she’s just preparing her for the harder stuff, after all, you can expect better treatment when it comes to yuri, right?

*thinks back to all the manga i’ve read*

On second thought, she’s in for a rough ride.

I have envisioned Jackie to be unaware of Charlie’s stuff but deeply respects and admires her. She might have heard rumors, but I might have driven myself into a corner here, considering that all the invasive broadcasts the cookie founders make.

However it is very likely that they’ve avoided showing it to Jackie’s locality, planning to go get her at a later time, or that Charlie herself just couldn’t hold it anymore and wants to expose herself to her hometown just for kicks. it’s a sister act years in the making.

Adjusting the Pmotskin effect

Never mind the hair color change, I was just doing it on a whim, and yes, she does remind me of this girl

I  might do a video of her, by that mean that hair palette swap of Jackie 2.0/Galrider


This new pmot skin loads a lot faster, and I mean a LOT. Like hardly a minute, and on my computer….that’s definitely something. I’ll be retrofitting this effect on Jackie’s scenes as well as the customized sph file for her skin to give that glossy effect.

Though I suppose it’s only appropriate for some scenes. Like this jeweled slave/princess/dancer look.

Alternatively, I tried the even lighter adultshader and after some editing I came up with this


Feel free to copy the text for your own use.

I kinda like both effects. Also, the pinker than normal nipples makes me think it’s some kind of lipstick…or nipple stick? Whatever, cosmetic to make her pink stuff look uh…pinker

Anyway I feel that need for Jackie to appear in a new revealing costume after her “conversion”, the stockings and gloves suit doesn’t count because she just took off her dress in that one, something anyone could have done, I mean a costume that really pointless, just like Haruka’s rave bunny costume.

And I like how it looks. The jewels dotting her breasts really grab the attention, (to say nothing of the nipple tassels I’ll be adding later) and the tassel running down her belly swinging around really grabs the intention for one to take a look between her legs. Plus the fact that the bra actually still functions as one, to support her breasts, keeping them in that ideal perky shape. It’s a costume that’s mean to accentuate her body and not hide it.

I mean sure it’s charming to go with the plain nude, but plain nude can look at times (well maybe it’s just me) look a little too artistic.

I mentioned this before. A fanservice scene where you see your favorite girl in the bath…what scenes are those? notice how they usually reflect on something or tell secrets they otherwise wouldn’t say out loud, a sort of baring one’s soul or inner beauty, like how the rough and tough tomboy warrior princess without her scary armor is a beautiful woman, or  a supposed cold-hearted killer is still just another human being with the same vulnerabilities.

Or maybe the fact that despite having a resume that says “fought a hundred battles” yet when she strips down and heads to the bath…she doesn’t have a single scar. Now that’s someone you don’t want to mess with.

Which is why I decided to take that extravagant looking outfit instead.

In other words, a costume that speaks that she’s now a full fledged cookie fun girl.

And that’s what I’m working on today, stay wiggly!


eringe animated

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