wordpress Borked on Me. Hooray Mondays

Talk about your usual monday with your tools conking out on you

I’m not sure what happened but whatever it was, it just emptied this post. All the work writing it and… I don’t know, I’m just TIRED from having to muster up all that effort in writing again.

But it’s important and if it has to hold up the line, I WILL. Because what is important is that I make a daily update of what I do. and because of that, after this I  really need to take a serious break again because… it really takes a whole lot out of you, and I won’t take a single step back into the field until I’m rested and prepared again. Sorry guys but its the fault of this system, whatever it did.

It’s really soured my mood for the rest of this day, and its going to be hours before I’m in the mood to resume again.

So I’ll make a new post once I’ve gotten this straightened out.

Just like how I do all of my RAM-busting MMD’s with youtubes playing and music blaring, the same is with my blog updates; with a crowbar, elbow grease and not giving an inch. Not a bite, not a touch, not a thought. It will happen as I like it even if I have to beat it with a club, but the post will be reinstated.

But first, need to get my mood up again. MMD will have to wait until I’ve had this sour feeling thrust mercilessly to where it deserves and have it beaten with a tire iron.

Then after feeling great upongetting my dues. I’ll put the post up back again, with more feelings.

~( ‘ w ‘ )~




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