Pixiv 306 and a short foray into the Payoff Scenes

306th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Today we’re still seeing double, two entries into the Pixiv Rankings. Not surprising considering that anything with Rin in it is guaranteed gold. Or maybe because I put more thought and let the idea develop first as opposed to just throwing in random stuff just for the sake content.

emoji39_by_emoji_icon-d6me1t3It really pays when you give things time to develop and write itself.





And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily treat!



We’re reaching the end of the Project May Episode 2 series of Gifs. It’s been a fun Journey and one of my most comprehensive series of rips yet. But I think it’s a matter of consequence, because there was so much stuff I placed in there

that it was only natural that it would end up with having lots of material to take from. Kinda like poetry

A short Foray into the Payoff Scenes


I don’t think Jackie’s payoff scene is just going to be naked dancing and would do better if it had sex in it, after all, wasn’t the idea behind it all was a second Iron Loli contest? But the question was, can I surpass the first one?

Airin’s Iron Loli model has some really static cum on it. I tried to make it up with static yellowish white goop. However, after looking through my catalog I finally found those cum strings with physics on them and started attatching them to Jackie.  jckiepyffscn3


And well, it’s a mixed back for me. since now the cum strings start to look rather…uniform. So I tried to add some of the static goo but i think i still need more variety, I think I need to edit them myself and see if I can recreate those Y-shaped strings I keep seeing when someone draws a bukkake scene.

It shouldn’t be too different from the 2-point string models you’ve seen, like those leashes and ropes.

Another problem I’m finding right now is the lack of portability since I’ve essentially reverted back to my old voltron habits of loading multiple models and attatching them to Jackie. That shouldn’t be a problem though so long as I manage to keep a blank file with her final uhh…slimed version on and then build the scenes from that point.

In fact the more I look at it it looks like those fake liquid pranks

So I’m thinking maybe to lend a little more “realism to this I need to a.) make a massive 20-30 string model then attach a self-lotion effect to it (which would be tedious) or b.) attached a couple of modified water particle effects (all white) to Jackie to give the illusion she’s spattering everyone whenever she moves sharply.

But whichever the result I’ll be taking, those string models definitely are a step in the right direction. It looks thick and organic, instead of looking fake and painted on.

And that’s it for today, time to get back to work, and once the editing of the strings start getting tedious I’ll work back on the painting room scene.

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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