Pixiv 302 and the Art Class Scene is Finally Set Up!

302nd time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Starting fresh from our 300th milestone is a double treat with two entries into the Pixiv Daily Rankings!  Guess Rin should get an MVP prize, hurr hurr hurr.





And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



I was once asked if I was planning more paranomal twists in later projects, my response however, is that if I ever would, I would not use them as some kind of deus ex machina

Art Classroom is finally set up!

First the bad news, I had to really ditch the outside crowd on the streets and bring the classroom back up on the higher floors.

But the good news is now I can finally have fun with those sunray effects.


Another good news is that I now have all three Cookie Fun Classic Girls back. It really feels better to have her coached by the best.



First is Airin who will be directing what pose to strike next for Jackie. She’s such a disarming girl after all with her being the weird one of the classic trio.


Karen, playing the creepy pervert this time will probably every now and then step up onstage and uhhh….well Jackie might need some help concentrating on her job hurr hurr hurr.


And finally her big sister Charlie, making sure to save more memories into their family album.


And of course her new would-be schoolmates enjoying the show


Another good news is that I found a good combination to emulate the pmot skin effect and way lighter because it’s a variation of the adultshader, modded by yours trulyemoji06_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9hm

It loads in seconds, compared to the 3 minute wait while the pmot skin effect loads. It’s also barely affected by the light direction which means she doesn’t go from MJ in 80’s to MJ in the 90’s when I bring the light to the front or back.

As I said, editing .fx files are so easy this guy can do it.

And one more good news is that the physics have NO LAG. Which means I can now start animating. The TV screen part will be easy it’ll just be from alternate angles.

It really feels good that I finally gotten this crap taken care of, it may not have been the perfect solution I wanted but at least I finally got to use a nice looking effect I’ve been dying to try out.

And that concludes today’s wiggly broadcast.

Up next, there’s 20+ bones in your MMD model that’s absolutely wasting your time, space, and RAM and you’re always registering them! What are these dastardly culprits you can cull to save space? Stay tuned tonight, at 11.

eringe animated

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