Milestone: 300th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

300th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

\(Q ワQ)/ we finally did it~! Our 300th milestone in the Pixiv Rankings! Thank you so much, and to make it coincide with the fourth, awesome!

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First of all, Happy Fourth of July!

I do have to say, if only my computer just didn’t have to seize up all the time and could handle it, I could have had this project done by today.  Well, that was the problem with all the holidays I could have done a special video for.  I really hate having to cut up my content due to dumb reasons like hardware limitations.

Anyway hope you have a great Murrica Day ( ‘w’ )/

A Lesson about Setting

Now yesterday, a friend and I were chatting and it ended up with me watching a certain hentai 2-part OVA. Now I won’t say what it is, but I will say that this isn’t a review or any form of judgement about who wrote it or animated it or performed in it whatever. But let me get to my observations first before I get to my point.

To be fair, I did like the video since it had the scenes I liked, humiliation, walking around naked in the “ero pose”, forced exhibitionism, they maybe short scenes but enjoyable nontheless. I mean sure it had a lot of the boring vanilla sex but then most of the videos I do like tend to do that. Oh and silly dialogue, though not as “sophisticated” as Bible Black

Now this video is your typical “1 girl becomes a public cumdumpster in her school” which is… quite a lot you can name, I’m sure. And I am also sure that you can name some that are very good too.

Now I, as some have mentioned about it, felt just like that bullied sex slave girl, but not in the way you’d expect. I felt like her because I am just forced to accept many facts that are never mentioned and hardly implied.

What do I mean by this? Well, there’s the notion that this girl leads a normal social life, therefore the prospect of her being turned into the whole school’s laughing stock and cum dump would be a horrible thing.

Except in this 2-part OVA, we never got to see it. One of these “proofs” of her normal life she is desperate to not lose is a shot of her walking presumably to school alone…  like what kind of person walks a deserted shady path to school?    I could name some, psychopaths, bullies, disguised demons, part-time demon hunter ninja knights, aliens, and poorly written prequel schmucks.

Oh, and I didn’t mention right at the very start of the part1, it’s a brutal montage of her getting banged in some night club by lots of men and women and even some torture scenes like prolonged sex and ridiculuous multiple orgasms (“you’re not allowed to faint until you cum 100 times tonight!”) and being electrocuted. Like geez, this girl already has it rough at home, so you’d expect getting this treatment in her school should get worse, right?


Prepare to get disappointed. She gets vanilla sex, gangbangs (as implied by a long line of boys and abrupt scenery changes) and… like this is worse than what happens to her in the intro? Oh right because it’s in her school right? A place where her friends are?

After all, getting banged by lots of strangers isn’t as bad as getting banged in front of people whom you have to pass by everyday right? Makes sense.

But let this picture tell you how the OVA showed her reputation in school before her fall from grace.


The fact that nobody cares this loner weirdo girl exists is already ripe for “she probably gets paid to bang during her free time” already.

There also is no clear indication that her school is a kind of sanctuary from her abuse, not even a cheesy 1 liner inner monologue “this school, my safe place” at least that would have put everything into perspective. Heck, it would have even been better than this trainwreck of a scene.

Let me clarify another thing in this “girl will be humiliated in front of her own school” OVA, right at the beginning, the narration says “she’s been trained as a sex slave for years already, yadda yadda yadda, she can take anything yadda yadda yadda” like wow, a little too late to get some stage fright there, missy.

Like, she must’ve been seen by a thousand guys already, and going back to what I said already, if she had any common sense, her being a loner is more than enough to merit a “i bet she does it with all the boys” theory already. She’s got no reputation or anything to build up from whatsoever. She’s worried about losing something she never has. What? It makes no sense. When things don’t make sense, I can’t take it seriously, which means all I can do is just evaluate how hot the ecchi scenes will be.

The prospect is so ridiculuous because the only one who would go “my school life would be over” would be some Miss Perfect Model Student, respected by many, loved by all the boys, admired or disliked by all the girls. You know, someone that everyone FEELS something for, be it good or bad.

So when the scene comes where she’s paraded in front of everyone, naked, with body writing on, everyone is like “haha, what a loser” no shock, no dismay, no “is this a prank?” They have no reason to just accept the spectacle taking place in front of them.

Meanwhile, from another Artist, he(or she) does a better job in just two wordless pictures.

001_1200_02 002_1200_03

Somehow those two wordless pictures not only tells a lot but also establishes a lot of things while giving you a lot  of room for interpretation. You see a girl with a gown and crown and logic tells you a member of royalty, her kind features and gentle pose in the first tells you she is a kind young lady and probably a good ruler and a very cultured woman. The next picture you see a smiling throng of lustful men, it could be a revolution or a capture by an enemy kingdom, either way you can see why the crowd is excited.

There is a clear difference between leaving things open to interpretation and requiring the audience to cook up random shit in their head to justify the bad writing they saw.

Having an entire school join in tormenting a girl who isn’t Miss Unlikeable Bitch is just plain ridiculous,  and dont’ give me that idiotic “we’ll she’s supposed to have a gloomy life type of thing” that wasn’t even there.


there’s no scene of her curled up in the bathtub or shower crying her eyes out or looking out blankly at the rooftop wondering if she should jump off. She’s so removed from being normal that a normal thinking person couldn’t even feel sorry for her.

All I see is a cardboard cutout being banged by a whole line of cardboad cutouts.

This is why I will never skimp on working on my intro and build up scenes. Never. I will take as long as I need to get them working before I’d lay a finger on the fun parts. If I’m working on a sweet damsel who’s captured by a dragon and has to do nasty ecchi stuff then I will build on her sweet character, why? Because it’s not just about what is going on that is sexy, but who is doing it can make it even hotter.

And if you think I am wrong (a silly idea) here, fap to this

it’s sex, now unzip and spooge on your screen, peasant.

You know another movie that lets you just accept whatever it is they tell you but never showed them? It’s called the Star Wars Prequels.

(6w9)/(_) Pizza roll, anyone?

Why else would everyone bust a nut when Rin shows up for 10 seconds getting fingered by another girl over 10 minutes of May’s bouncing boobies, wet pussy and jiggling ass? Because she’s Rin fucking Kokonoe, Character >>>>>> Everything.

See the thing when trying to make bigger sets than just a dance in a box video is, whether its a contemporary setting of horny boys trying to ruin miss unlikeable student council bitch, or an elf princess in fantasy land being boned in public for defying the human empire, or nanomachine laced warrior girls captured by alien tentacle invaders

…your set still has to be believable. It’s still all about the WHY. Even for a surreal setting there still has to be reason for it to reach that conclusion.

Ultimately, this is the approach I do not want to take, hence all the material I’m building on. For me, watching that OVA is a lesson for me on how my works would have looked like if I just ignored everything for the sake of “time”, for adhering to quantity over quality.

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about stuff like these. Again, I won’t say what it is, not because it’s so bad you shouldn’t see it. I’m not telling what it is because if I did, it would feel like I’m saying “that OVA sucks and the people made it suck” No, for what it is, I enjoyed it. It had the tropes I wanted, sure they weren’t as long as I liked but little of something is better than none.

But what I wanted to criticize is not something the makers have done, but more like, it’s a trend many of us, good and bad alike are sometimes guilty of. Rushed out work like this never turns out well, and nothing works properly without good planning. In defense of that said OVA, the source game’s CG set was pretty small, so naturally they had to pad the two episodes with sex scenes that were probably not in the original material.

Now I’m currently in the same stage, I’m building up a scene and like them using original characters that have to built up “by hand” so to speak, instead of having the advantage of being an established character. It’s a fun challenge but that is no reason for me to just lose my head and just put down those footage without good rhyme and reason.

Nor am I going to skimp on things based on the assumption that you’ve read every blog post I’ve written and just expect you to understand, I want to make my Project Jackie understandable just from watching it alone, with very little reference needed to understand the gist of what is going on.

Even Project May ep.2 was built from the same structure. Don’t believe me? Take away May’s intro arc from Ep.1 and what you have is some people watching TV and getting trolled by some rogue supernatural broadcaster

Those KH kids are still floating down there.

They all float down there

  \ |/~( ‘ w ‘ )~

That’s it for today, enjoy your Fourth of July and remember, stay wiggly!

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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