1 more entry into the Pixiv 300!

299th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

One more, just more to our 300th milestone in Pixiv!

\(T ワT)/ I’m so happy just getting this far, thank you everyone!

and without further ado, here’s our penultimate offering!



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I see more could have been done in this scene, May breaking down or crying or stumbling over, but of course deciding where to do her breakdown and when would have been difficult so I opted for her balls getting zapped till their fried, at that point it was clear her own shame was no longer that high on her priority and its all for the safety of her Pokemon, and considering that she’s already been paraded naked in front of everyone she doesn’t want to see her in that state, it’s pretty much not that much of a depressing shock for her anymore.

But then again, it could be possible, I mean Airin did have many moments of pausing during Happy School during her own humiliaton parade and with Rin Kagamine walking over and shouting at her to get up and walk, well, that just slipped by me.


Well the good news is that I’ve managed to crowbar the new and updated room, the bad news is that now I had to triage a few models and am still in the process of adding them back.

But here’s a peek into the new and updated room.

prjjckiezrortrm15 prjjckiezrortrm14 prjjckiezrortrm13

And of course a slight change of accesories for Charlie, who will remain overly happy to see her sister join her.



Sadly in the process of adding back the missing models, Airin had to go. Well that’s Okay, we’ve seen a lot of Airin and not much Karen and Charlie, besides, what’s Airin going to do but just stare and be happy while Charlie can do very little but spark a lot of things simply because she’s Jackie’s admired sister and Karen can play as the perverted veteran who’s not going to go easy on this new girl…and Charlie? Well she’s likely to turn a blind eye…figuratively, after all, she definitely wants to see her lil’ Jackie in even hotter and sexier situations.


Now onto business and talking about the build for this scene. As one can see, in one side there’s the school corridor full of leering students, alternatively I could remove them, after all, don’t have TV’s on the classroooms? But yeah it feels better when they are there. I remember a hentai manga that was similar to this, where the loudspeaker announced an ecchi event was about to happen in the middle of the hallway and everyone is invited to come over and gawk, while those who can’t see are invited to watch the broadcast over the classroom TV’s. Now if only I can find that manga again… hopefully there’s an anime of it so I could take a sample.


On  the other side of the room, I originally planned it to open to the schoolyard but thought it naughtier to just put the room at ground level for passing pedestrians to gawk at, and even have passing vehicles.

Here’s a small list of changes

1.) Removed Airin, replaced with 6 lightweight mobs: 2 students, 3 passersby, 1 butchered bus (the butchered parts are not visible since it’s only showing one side.

2.) Removed the two heavy 1.16MB camera some of the photographers were carrying and replaced them with ones at quarter the size.

3.) Removed 1 video camera to make room for the TV at the back


4.) Replaced the Jackie model with a lighter nude version (the original had some clothes on) and fixed the spazzing of her collar lock.

5.) Replaced the simpler original artroom with a more garishly decorated one full of ecchi drawings. Surprisingly, the new one is much lighter considering the original had a rather hi-poly but little seen bust of a man, which I removed. Also replaced all the 3DCG .bmp texture files with much lighter .png, allowing it to load much faster.

6.) Replaced the generic schoolyard with a much more detailed but equally lightweight townside area and streets.

Now here comes the new roadblock, which foresees the possibility of culling further models away.

The current problem is that when loading the file at full power, it has a 50/50 chance of crashing MMD, or refusing to load the effects (out of memory error), or crashing when attempting to load the effects.

The first one on the potential chopping block are the passersby and the students. But I feel they are integral to the process as much as the students in the room itself. The idea that Jackie is exposed to both the people in the school as well as those outside is just awesome. Alternatively, I could try culling yet another Cookie Fun Girl,leaving her with only one legend watching her.

Either Charlie or Karen could do well. As Charlie, it’s pretty straightforward, Charlie could ask her to pose in the most obscene ways possible and Jackie would comply, albeit reluctantly. Karen on the other hand has an equally interesting angle.

Remember the TV at the back? Here, in case you didn’t notice it, hurr hurr hurr.


Originally I came up with the idea of the TV showing segments of Jackie’s dancing. However, if the Cookie Fun Girls conspire to “hold Charlie hostage” it would be a good idea.  Something like, if Jackie doesn’t comply, they’ll release that livestream of Charlie being “forced” to dance to the public internet.

But hold your horses, it’s not like Charlie’s breasts, both the big or the small chested version are anyway as close to the newer Shinra Replicant dolls. So it’ll have to be small breasts for the Cookie Fun Original Girls.

And that’s where the problem is. Why not show Jackie instead? All the dancing and the wasted potential of big boobs jiggling about? The only other girl who does match that body and Jackie would care about would be Denise, which we have not established in any video yet besides that Galrider one. So she’s still pretty much a random girl consider she has no footage whatsoever in any of the produced footage of my Jackie Project yet.

So, Karen despite all her interesting new roles may have to be scrapped for this scene and let it just be quality time between the two sisters. Idk, maybe save Karen for the yuri sex scene or something.

So today, I’ll branch this scene into two different possibilities; a Charlie-only and a Karen only version. Heck let’s start with Charlie only since they have the highest sync right now in terms of Logic.

Once I remove Karen from this version, let me see how much I can add then see if it will load, if not, scale it down a bit then move on until I reach that sweet spot between idealism (adding all the stuff I can) and realism (removing the stuff that can go).

It’s going to be long haul, but it’ll be worth it.  Stay wiggly this weekend!



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2 thoughts on “1 more entry into the Pixiv 300!”

  1. Those poses are pretty awesome, I wonder if Jackie is on the cheerleader squad, I could see her doing some high kicks without panties on for a stadium full of boners. I understand if Karen needs to save her spunk for the Yuri scene. Everything is shaping up nicely as usual though, best art room ever.

    I’ll be taking a leave of absence from my normal activity round the cookie jar for a bit, will prob return in a short while. I look forward to the upcoming releases… Stay wigglinz.
    ~~~~~( * 2 `)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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