Pixiv 297 and Drawing Jackie like one of the French Girls

I wasn’t able to post yesterday since I forgot to pay attention to the time and it was usually around the time the GMT or something was about to consider it a new day, so I decided to just post today instead.

297th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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And today we have

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And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Draw Me Like one of your French Girls (Like Karen Rodin)



“Erin, do more of that Gravure picture scene” I tried making one and my arms suddenly stiffened up and lost their wiggliness, I needed to recover by eating fluffy cookies ~( ;w; )~

Anyway it was fun making this setup, but let me give you a quick recap of what I tried doing.

A streetside Gravure, Traffic shouldn’t be too hard… you think but making a traffic jam was sort of difficult since the vehicles themselves are rather on the expensive side, RAM-wise. Remember the epilogue in Project Rin where she was dancing at the street side? That was at its limit before any further model additions would force it to crash, forcing me to keep it to one side only.

A regular photo studio…now that had its limitations too.  Mainly that white screen was too plain for me and I didn’t like it. Neither was the idea of a beachside Gravure scene like in Idolmaster which is cute and all, but plainness is just not my thing. I want mine, alive and interaction, so I came up with this.

prjjckiezrortrm6 prjjckiezrortrm5 prjjckiezrortrm4 prjjckiezrortrm3 prjjckiezrortrm2 prjjckiezrortrm1

A combined session with the Art Club and Photography club, and of course the rest of the campus is free to watch. Obviously this looks like a Japanese school and not an American school and that’s where the beauty of this modular scene comes in. It means Jackie’s abroad and probably doing stuff like a proper Cookie Fun girl would be doing.  It could be a dream, or her stint trying out to be like Charlie, or an event sanctioned by the Cookie Fun girls themselves.

This means that this could have taken place before or after her show in her own school. It also means that any interim scenes to transition with would be easy.

If this takes place before her show back in the U.S. it would explain why she would be thoroughly embarassed because she thought it was something that happened a long way back and from a far away place ….it’s not like its something her folks back at home would know about.

But of course, the “past version” of this would have to be scaled down. Take away the cameras and change her poses into something more reasonable.

See why its modular? Because all I have to do to put it back into the phase where she’s a Cookie Fun Girl is to make her do those very bold poses and put those cameras back on.

For now I’ll be working on this scene at its full power (i.e. all the features added on) as a way of benchmarking the limitations.

Today I’ll be working on the motions of the artists, drawing motions and occassionally trying to get a better look.

And, I’ll see if I can crowbar Charlie into this session.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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3 thoughts on “Pixiv 297 and Drawing Jackie like one of the French Girls”

  1. YESSS!!! luv it! i’m wondering if Jackie takes after her sister and drips a little when she’s naked in front of strangers and her peers, maybe she’s breathing a little heavy.. This might be a good scene to incorporate that on all fours spread cheeks pose from May ep. 1, some nice drippy close ups, Yum!
    \( *w )

  2. Brilliant! Jackie as a foreign exchange student. Posing nude for an art class to make some pocket change. She was willing to get naked, but didn’t realize it was going to excite her so much. She really is an exhibitionist! But it’s legit, ’cause it’s art class. That is until she starts getting wet. Is that when Charlie shows up? Charlie will tell her she likes it a little too much and she’s nothing more than a dirty little freak. Maybe that’s when she tells her about a special club, an after school club. It’s fun! It’s called the Cookie Fun Club. And it’s the perfect choice for slutty little things who like to flash their cookie, haha.

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