Pixiv 291 and the 3rd Screen Ideas

I hate Mondays….  just like today, but then again there’s my…

291st time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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May make your morning commute on mondays bearable. No, I’m not capitalizing that awful day, it doesn’t deserve my respect.

Anyway click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



I got one more before another change in scenery again. Looks like things are speeding up now, eh?

3rd Screen, Third Eye

As you know most of my event scenes use three screens. The flanking monitors show close ups while the center screen shows something else.

Now considering that this is Jackie’s debut show… I can’t do it like the other Cookie Fun girls showing off her previous exploits since she doesn’t have any to speak of.  Now while the idea of just showing a third alternate angle isn’t a bad idea, it just feels a little too… monotone for me, a little too repetitive, it really needs to be showing something different.

Which doesn’t make sense considering that this is Jackie’s debut which was kind of the charm of it all so…


Like, you can’t have such an innocent faced girl like this just happen to have a backlog of naughty things to show on the center screen after all.  And I know what some are thinking “just because she did some private scandalous video doesn’t mean she’ll want to release it in public” that’s true… but then, there’s this


When these people start showing up, its easy for her and you, the audience to shrug and say “Ok, let’s throw the innocent charm that was previously established on her out the window now that these folks showed up” and as cute as it might be she’ll be moving it like a pro hoping for a chance she’ll take them to her sister… i.e. cute girl doing naughty things willingly, that charming dichotomy is lost if the center screen is blaring pictures of her fingering herself.


Which is also why I had to delete this upskirt scene because…what kind of innocent girl wears a thong bikini under her dress, unless she was planning to take it off anyway…ergo, not so innocent anymore.

Which is why I’m putting the scenes to shoot for the center screen for a lot in consideration.

One idea was to show non-nude footage of her, however, if I make it look very clean and innocent it’s kinda of underwhelming compared to my previous works, and if I make them those perverted camera works then we’ll still have a problem because it clashes with her innocence.  Plus, the horror of having to fit a bra onto her which is a lot of work, I mean, that bandeau bra that works with the Shinra Doll bodies so far is the only one that fits well and even that one still clips through.

And that’s what I’m contemplating about for today. For me, the screens are as just much of a performer as the people are and they need to be showing something good. Now if these Pixiv Rankings have told me anything, so long as it’s simple but deliciously erotic, it’s obviously the right way to go.


Heck this shot of the excited audience only works well if she was first presented as an ordinary sweet girl.


Otherwise, it’s just another “boring show our teachers force us to watch and some random naked chick comes in” I need to see how this can be made something more meaningful.

Yeah it’s hilarious, me trying to make more meaning for it. But that’s how I see things can get sexier. For me, it’s not what’s going on, but who’s going on. I read a Reimu-gets-finger-fucked-by-Remilia-Marisa-Suika-and-Yukari-all-at-once I read it not because of some hot and nasty lesbian action but because it’s Raymoo and I like her. So for me, it’s important to build up Jackie to make her likeable because it makes the upcoming scenes even more fappable for everyone.

Here let me arrange some of the pics in order.





I don’t think her giving the MC’s a knowing wink or a thumbs up is as cute.

Also, just notice the girls I used




Hurr hurr…there Len and Gakupo involved…but yeah, I mean, just Cul in the third picture.

Tight booty shorts, tight tops, exposed midriffs…and look at what Jackie is wearing


White frilly dress. See? Girl’s a picture of innocence, it’d be foolish to break that image of hers with some past footage. I know I need to justify how she can dance like that but that is pretty easy to hand wave, considering how anyone can switch on the TV or go to youtube and watch some vines and you pretty much have a good idea.  Or maybe… because she’s Charlie’s sister so she obviously has seen some of her vids especially now that we’ve established she wants in.

So there’s my choices, either make the center screen be really bland and softcore to offset her ecchi show or show some “hidden footage” stuff at the cost of ruining her charm.

I’m thinking that the footage can show some of the stuff of the clubs she’s joined in or maybe that Sorority Idea…except that yeah, doing some kind of Kinky Hazing pretty much brings up into the ecchi scandalous territory so…

I really need to think this over. And while I’m at it craft some more possible scenes…they pretty much write themselves, when it becomes feasible I’ll add it to the project.

Well, time to get to work, and remember…!



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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 291 and the 3rd Screen Ideas”

  1. Maybe it’s Charlie’s idea that Jackie do a lewd show, telling her it’s no big deal since you’ve done worse things in private. But Jackie feels there’s still a big difference in how far she will go privately versus publicly. After all, she’s not a CFC girl yet.
    So she plans to come out all sweet and innocent and then tease the audience a bit by showing her ass in some up skirt pose, or something. She hears the crowd going crazy and thinks it’s because she just flashed her panties, but is shocked and horrified when she turns around and sees the Cookie Fun Channel has seized control of the programming at the school and Charlie has uploaded some of those naughty home vids which are now flashing like a slide show, spliced with video, spliced with live feed so the audience is able to deduce that the cute innocent girl on stage performing in the talent show is the same girl taking a strap on in the ass on the big screen! They’re hooting and howling for the video, Jackie has stopped dancing and realizes the only way to get their attention back is to pick up the pace with her live show. So the dress comes off and the crowd roars, then they start chanting, demanding she looses her panties. She’s soon caught up in all the attention and decides to take it all the way. As the slideshow becomes increasingly depraved her act gets more explicit. And the good girl’s naughty side is now revealed to the delight of the student body and the approval of the Founders.

  2. Ideas for center screen:

    Close up cam, just focus on the good stuff up close, that is what should be front and center IMO. Just like at your standard concert event, dynamic close-ups. Call it the vag cam.

    Still shot slideshow of her and her normal lifestyle, building character, innocence and likeability, hanging out with friends, what she would show if it were a normal talent show. then when shit gets wet it turns to a close-up cam.

    Maybe The Cookie Squad has hijacked Jumbo Screens across the country and is broadcasting live, the center screen can flash showing different jumbo screens at different locations mirroring whats happening onstage… maybe a baseball field, street billboard, Times Square, Movie Theater, or at a restaurant or sports bar with lots of screens where people have gathered to watch the debut of the newest cookie fun girl, and showing crowd reactions. It would allow you to incorporate more reactionary footage without having to change the main scene so often focusing more on the action, maintaining the immersion. Also allowing for that added public humiliation and cookie fun media power. Or maybe that concept could be used for some transition scenes.

    Maybe at a later date after this production there could be a “leaked” amateur vid of her in a “sakura home video” fashion with one person recording a pov video taping her fingering herself awkwardly or trying to dance nervously, maybe a Charlie training vid. I’d love to see how you would compose an amateur based style vid like that with your current skill set.

    1. The idea of a montage of reaction shots is very funny, I could imagine the “soda coming out of your nose” trope or “spitting out your drink on your buddy’s face” reaction cliche which would be very funny. See this is why I lament the lack of Naruto characters because this could have been such a great opportunity for her friends to make these reactions. Now as for the video showing her ordinary life this could be put at the intro sequence before it starts leaking out the voyeur cams. My one problem with this is that these seem better if there was spoken dialogue, kinda like how an interview would go like in those talent videos. Charlie having the Applejack voice means Jackie should have some sweet southern belle voice to it, though I have no idea who to use, and she seems a little too old to be AJ’s little sis (I mean I suppose it could work… but now it reminds me of that girl in the vine videos with the really small voice who uses it for comical effect)

      ( ‘w’ )/ some of these ideas look workable though, so thank you very much for the input and I’ll see what I can do to get it to work! Thank you!

  3. ( ‘w’ )/ for the win!

    I know what you mean with the spoken intro, it reminds me of the old playmate calendar vids where the girl is always talking about herself at the beginning of her first vid and how they like confident outgoing men that will grab them by the face, usually by the time she stops rambling her tits are on screen. There’s gotta be some anime with a pilot episode where the girl is talking about herself as it montages the town and characters you could grab the audio from, or I imagine there being some sort of sound box that would allow you to pick different voices and control what she is saying even. Or you could do what they did in the “Peanuts” cartoon for the teachers voice:

    Substitute it with a trombone sped up or maybe even segments of an isolated jazz saxophone, around the 5 to 7 minute mark in this vid:

    Might provide the tone your looking for but without having to assign a specif voice to her or bring in any words, Maybe just a Saxophone song playing during the intro vid will provide enough of those frequencies to fill that void

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