Pixiv 290 and the Intro Scenes are Done

290th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Only ten more till I reach my 300th milestone in Pixiv!

\(QwQ)/ Thank you so much!



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And here we go, another change of scenery for the Project Mays series of gifs.

The Intro scenes are done

prjjckopener23prjjckopener24  prjjckopener22 prjjckopener21

Jackie’s dress seems to light up no matter how dark it gets so I had to adjust the darkness and fog volume so that it didn’t stand out too much. And now that I’ve put together the Cookie Fun Founders, they really now sound like your organization of baddies, like the Akatsuki in Naruto or the Phantom Troupe in HunterXHunter, etc. Guess Tomoyo and Tako Luka are the only ones missing at this point, and yes, discolored Rhea is part of the gang.


Now that I’ve completed the intro to a satisfactory conclusion…well yes I can now work on putting together the main events a few more things I need to address first…

The running time of the intro which clocks in at five minutes. It has the ecchi dressing scenes sprinkled in but a little lacking considering what genre this is for. Then again, we have said a lot about how those videos that just magically switch to the nudity can pretty much kill the charm. So maybe this build up is a good solution.

But ultimately it’s not whether or not it’s ecchi but if it’s interesting enough to grab your interest and keep it there. So I’m thinking of either I should add more ecchi snippets or at least add things that will pique interest. For now there’s practically nothing in the video itself that says this is a video about Jackie May, sister of Charlie.

Now I don’t want any text subtitles with lame expository on it so one idea maybe is to add those pictures people take with the glitters and text, you know, those “BFF’s forever” and stuff and replace it with “sisters forever” or some inane crap like that. Have Jackie look at that picture from her phone and stuff like that.

Or alternatively, crowbar that picture into the big screen when she’s being introduced, right before it gets hijacked.


The “leaked dressing room” scene is pretty short considering that if I want to show her in the shower I need to show her hair undone which for some reason I can’t imagine how it’ll look like unbound…and lengthening the leaked video scene means extending the intro scene even further…but hey, if it’s showing what you came here for, it’s all okay right?

Which gets me wondering if I should cut out the prologue and throw it as a kind of teaser. That section with the teaser however is only two minutes long as opposed to the Cookie Fun Hijack scene which takes three… making it the longest of its kind. We’ve gone from a simple static screen, to a complete network takeover in Project May 2, to a “live version” of a takeover.

So I guess I shouldn’t chop up this video.


Anyway back to work for me, I’ll just take a short dip then it’s back to the desk. Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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6 thoughts on “Pixiv 290 and the Intro Scenes are Done”

  1. The Cookie Fun Founders show up and the Talent Show is FUBAR! Hahaha! Girls will be getting naked.
    Jackie’s enterage looks hot! I like the Lolita look – peering out over the tops of their dark shades. Do they help Jackie out of her dress? Will they be getting naked too? I think they should, lol. Would love to see the three of them toying and squirting all over the stage.

    1. Its very unlikely I’ll make the other two girls strip, maybe at most change to something a little more revealing, I don’t like the idea of them stealing the show from Jackie’s debut because as plain as they look, that in itself is also charming.

      1. Then perhaps they’ll help Jackie get off. Grab some big toys and masturbate her till she’s squirting to the delight of the Founders 🍪🍪🍪

  2. Moar is always better in every regard, always. haha, just kidding, but not really. It sounds good to keep it together this time, sprinkle some more ecchi, maybe when Jackie is flipping through to her and charlie photo’s she comes across some easter egg pics, some nude selfies and/or a pic from her training session alluding to that footage. I always wish your works were longer, funny coming from the person who argued for shorts, I basically just love the content regardless so any addition is cool I feel and am always sad when they end haha, or when awesome scenes are too short. The shower scene though sounds cumbersome if she has to change looks, that might act as an eye sore. Also depending on how dirty Jackie is going to be in this performance, softcore nudity early can still be a build up to the grand finally of the performance where the impression is made of who this girl really is.

    1. I’d love to make it as long as I wish but given the limitations of compression and how my works are too big to respond to any tricks that make dance-in-a-box vids only 1.5mb, I have to keep it in the 15minute limit. So that means I have ten minutes left of ecchi to run with. Technically I can push it to 18 or even 20 but it feels like stretching the compression, so I can’t do that. I’m still thinking of ways to insert a little more ecchi and other interesting scenes.

      1. As long as you present a little structure towards what your looking to fill (hur hur) I’ll give my input.

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