Pixiv 288 and working on the Setting of Project Jackie

287th and 288th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Thank you very much everyone for your support! Can you believe it? Just twelve more entries for my 300th mark! Just remember, all of this was possible only because of you m( _ _ )m





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We’re about 52-ish now on the Project May gifs, I told you I extracted a lot from them, and there’s about twenty more, less two because they’re too hot for Pixiv.


Progress Report: fixing the setting


I kinda noticed how I’ve went from the wide open stage to a smaller closed off venue. But for me it’s all about how the setting is presented, such as a regular boring talent and turning it into something worth watching. So in this case, deep in the heart of a campus with all the regular hijinks you see in TV…well I was tempted to do a skateboard scene but decided not to because it kinda says they’re not in the gym watching the show when they should…

because something good is about to happen.emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx


The audience reaction scene has definitely grown as I’m going to populate this part, from two (which wasn’t my footage), to three in Iron Loli… the live audience is definitely growing.

Aside from the usual humor value of everyone’s jaws hitting the floor, and as a way to create filler so that certain scenes will sync with the music, I think for this project they can be used in a “positive way” to show that Jackie is definitely doing a good job with her show, as well as looking bored with the other performers.


Since prissy girl in the last project has been pretty much been seen as the fussy prim-and-proper character, it only makes sense she reprises her role as the emcee for at least the intro part.



Jackie making her way to the stage as its her turn. Apart from me talking about her, I’ve yet put in anyway to show her name. As you great you guys are for following this blog regularly to know who she is, I think it’s better that there’s at least some way to introduce her without resorting to any intrusive onscreen text.

One solution: add some kind of entrance video, kinda like the stuff you see when wrestlers make their way to the ring showing highlights of their career (i.e. montage of them performing their best moves)

But before you say “swimsuit gravure” that means I will have to put that into context by also adding the other group’s own videos as well. Shouldn’t be too hard since doing them in a lazy-half-assed way kinda contributes to the idea that the show is boring…and suddenly Jackie’s montage video comes up and you have the crowd standing up.




Looks like they’re about to have some company…


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 288 and working on the Setting of Project Jackie”

  1. I sooo want to see that prissy girl get sexually humiliated, if it wasnt for those damn banana hands. Maybe a horrible wardrobe malfuction at the end of her little performance shows she actually had a dildo in her slit or something. Something needs to make that bitch cry. sorry ever since may 2 i’ve wanted to see her get splooged on and dick slapped.

  2. How would she be introduced? Not as Jackie since she has gone to great lengths to disguise her real identity?

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